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I tried to draw some of the characters from Cats as anime cat-people instead (bg from their movie versions)
[Partially based off how they look like in the musical + random anime styled character designs  (not based off the movie cast  ya think I want to look at the trailer that long?!? cheesuz crust no lol) The only thing I based off the movie version is Old Deuteronomy as a woman] 

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ooh yes, I like the idea, as a boy I always wanted to do that but I realized that I did not have the capacity, do it much better, success!

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I'd definitely be more willing to watch the movie if it was done like this, your art is so good!

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dang, i would love to see an animated movie of Cats...
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That's really cool. They look great.
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I was doing my cartoony version of the musical and I would often wonder what breeds the characters are. 
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This is amazing. The entire movie should have been animated with voice actors, then most would be onboard with it. 
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This is so much better, I love it dearly. It's 200% better in this version
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omg it looks so much better than the movie!! love it <3
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I think I'd prefer the Cat's movie to look like this. You did an amazing job!

I'm loving your Rum Tum Tugger tooHeart 
I mean, Japan loves its catgirls...
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Thundercats hoooo lol
I loved each one of them, I love your style, it's so professional :>
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Still better than the actual movie. :P
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They look great!
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well that's a movie i'd be willing to watch now =')
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Ohh they look so good!
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Seems pretty great
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