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Plume Parade Series: Serama and Silkie

Please, I apologize for the numerous post about chicken gijinka! :iconlazycryplz: I'm actually compiling this for something haha. :)
This is my cure for my dried up overworked brain

Bantam Chickens~!!
The Serama and The Silkie Chickens~

Serama is a really small chicken (REALLY SMALL) which is known to pose assertively.
I can imagine it as a really young-looking character who is really confident looking and keeps on reminding everyone that he's already an adult (lol)

Silkies, on the other hand, are an unusual looking chicken because they maintain the fluffiness of their feathers when they are adults. They also have feathered 5 toed feet.
They 're commonly made as pets (aside from being dinner //bricked). The females are known to be broody, even to eggs of other chickens.
I can imagine him as a gentle one.

They come in different colours, these are just some of the colours they have :D
By the way, Thank you for those who responded to my newest poll!
I'm now using 'Plume Parade' to call this gijinka collection :la:
Other designs for the series of rooster gijinka~

See more rooster's catalogue here~!…

Plume Parade : Shiroiro Onagadori and Ayam Cemani by ROSEL-DPlume Parade Series: Polish Chicken by ROSEL-DPlume Parade: Rooster Brothers by ROSEL-DPlume Parade: Phoenix and Sebright by ROSEL-DPlume Parade: Asil Chicken by ROSEL-D

I added additional stuff so you can have an idea what they're like as a character :D
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Human versions of chickens!  What a hoot!
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Silkie looks SOOOOOOO cute Love 
I raise Seramas for a living and I need to say this: The character you created is so freaking true. They always think they are so big and bad, and forget about how big they are. One I own, Buddy, is such a cocky little bugger. I would be sipping my coffee and he would be chasing my horses all the way across the pasture for no reason. And I have another one who is a sweet heart, until you say 'Aww, look at the baby' and he instantly tries to drag you down to hell. Literally o-o

Have you ever tried drawing a Modern Game? It's another one of my favorite breeds that I raise.
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I wonder how you'd portray the Brahma, with its poofy legs, or the Jersey Giant, with its huge stature, and i really want you to do the Naked Neck, looks so cool and hilarious!
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I think these two are my favorites :3
I ended up looking up seramas after looking at this and now I kinda want one XD
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OMG the serama is perfect!
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what about the black silkie? those are really cool as well!

i have one at my coop. so i may have a bit of a bias 
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I only choose one of the colours, I don't draw all colours ^^; I might die from drawing too many of the same kind haha
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oh ok, i was just throwing ideas at the wall,
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ahhhh, we used to have both seramas and silkies at my old school farm!! :love: silkies are super cute to watch when they run around - all that bouncy fluff!! :'DD
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More BISHIE ROOSTERS!:squee: :squee: :squee:  I love Silkie's Heart Heart Heart 
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kaneki san is that u
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I. Fucking. LOVE. SILKIES.
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Silkie is so kawaii😍 He's kind of like Sasaki Haise from Tokyo Ghoul Re:, the fluffy white-black hair and the love for children. He's adorable❤️
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Chicken Dance 
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Wait a minute... He is an adult, at least 18-20 years old man. Why he wears female clothes?
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AWWWWW I want a silkie! *cuddles it*
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Silkie looks like Haise to me QWQ lol
They're both so kawaii <33
EeveeGamerGirl's avatar
I don't need the human version of Silkie
gimme the rooster I need to coodle it >u<
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I like this WAAY more than shouldLa la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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I actually have a Serama :'D Now I can't stop thinking about this when I feed him
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