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I tried the neko pose with the characters from the fic I submitted recently--->  Shangri-la Children (Fic) by ROSEL-D :XD:
Siegfried, Aura and the Traveler (nicknamed 'Blaire')
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nekooo nekooo kawaii na :D
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This is so cute!!
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*dies from the cuteness*
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Yusss its awesome, thanks for the eye candy!! XD jk it's still awesome tho.
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that is so cute!!!
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awww this so cute x3
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Dammit! So cute! :aww:
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Cute X3 I like the guy with the scar and googles
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AWESOME SAUCE BRO!!! Its adorable
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Is the other one trying to grope..? :iconheplz:
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This is funny and nice! :)
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i just like the girl but give 2 boys there isn't bad idea. it makes the girl to be the most beautiful there.
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*slides in on skateboard* I ship Siegfried and Blaire. *slams into wall*
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Adorable, I love the style.
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Manga/anime fucking sucks. Why don't you create your own style?
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I'm sorry. I apologize if I offended you with manga/anime style.
I draw non-anime style too but this is my preference. I love drawing in this style. 

Being a bit rude to people who have manga/anime for inspiration is bad for your heart yo

9 by ROSEL-D  
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