Art Movement Gijinka Anime?!?
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What if there’s an anime about art movements and styles as humans?

(Anime mockup- I tried to draw some of them hehe)
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Comments (141)
Owlhana's avatar
But wheres anime
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Kitnighty's avatar
Kitnighty|Hobbyist Artist
Expressionism, Neoclassism, and Dada are just perfect.
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CyberMoonshine's avatar
CyberMoonshine|Hobbyist General Artist
Damn. This is epic.
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thesugamin's avatar
thesugamin|Hobbyist General Artist
Genius !!! Genius idea
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Snowy5024's avatar
Is pop art meant to look almost exactly like Ronald from Black butler?
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ApotatopPosie's avatar
The idea of this reminds me of Hetalia lol.
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GabrielaGade's avatar
GabrielaGade|Hobbyist General Artist
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ryansinbela's avatar
What are their personalities
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Coline25's avatar
Coline25Edited |Hobbyist General Artist
Jiii... I guess you're my idol now ! D:
You're not only really good at personifying thinks,
You've got a god's humour, you're original,
and we even learn a ton with your stories!
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Wish-I-Was-Finnish's avatar
Wish-I-Was-FinnishEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why are you so good at personifying things?! It’s just so good!
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PYRASMUS's avatar
PYRASMUS|Hobbyist General Artist
Is there a name for art that isn't classified or anything, but it's just...
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AkuaKourin's avatar
AkuaKourin|Hobbyist General Artist
Expressionism is me drawing at 2am
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enfreakomoron's avatar
enfreakomoron|Hobbyist General Artist
UwU Impressionism-senpai!
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Sukikmu's avatar
Sukikmu|Hobbyist General Artist
Cubism got me laughing and I love SYmbolism and Surrealism XD
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Orangelover18's avatar
i have a crush on pop art hhhhhhh
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Awa303's avatar
Awa303|Hobbyist General Artist
Would Memes be considered an art movement, I wonder...
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Ecclytennysmithylove's avatar
Ecclytennysmithylove|Student General Artist
Never in my life have I seen someone transform art movements into human personas! This is a masterpiece! Yescrying 
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Kitty-artists's avatar
Cubism senpai :0
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KBlackSheep's avatar
Hahaha XD, good job :D
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garu0212's avatar
Oh... My... God.... O.O
So awesome! 😍💕
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Marichromatic's avatar
You're SO GOOD doingthis kind of stuff it must be some sort of virtue! I love them all but Expressionism is the one that cracked me up XD
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Erulastiel's avatar
Erulastiel|Hobbyist Digital Artist
How the hell do you keep popping out these awesome Gijinka's???
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CraneCloud's avatar
CraneCloud|Hobbyist Artist
i love surrealism
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MiccyT's avatar
MiccyT|Hobbyist General Artist
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