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Sonic CD - 88 Miles Per Hour - Winning Entry



SEGA's given the all clear to upload my art contest submission, so here it is. It's in the top 50 of the competition so huzzah, gogo exciting jumping through time action!

Based on the first level, originally I was going to do that ramp that launches you into the sky near the start... then I though the time warp segment... finally I decided "why not do both?!"

So we have Sonic breaking the 88 mile per hour time barrier heading into the past to stop that hologram of Metal Sonic from tormenting thoes animals for however long it's been there trying to kick poor Ricky.

Be sure to download it for a full HD 1920x1080 wallpaper version~

On that note I do love the fact that the original design for the time travel was inspired visualy by Back to the Future, as mentioned in a recent interview with the original designer, two of my favourite things smooshed together into brilliance :)
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Cool. I like Sonic and looks exactly like Sonic CD. :D