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I'm a 21 year old nerd who likes to commission people.
I'm in no way an artist, but sometimes I'll post my boyfriends art if he's taking commissions.. though he should be posting on his own DA account CarnotaurusRehd (but he's a noodle and probably won't. eue) and on Tumblr:

Please note me if you're looking to be commissioned. <3
Note: I am currently looking for artists to participate in adoptables/myos for the species! This is because I myself am not an artist.
If you choose to do adoptables for this species, you will get a Legendary MYO Slot! 
If you're interested, please note me or comment here!

For anyone (including artists who wish to participate in drawing adoptables) interested in MYO slots, know that I intend to have a Normal MYO slot in which you get a slot for yourself AND an Artist MYO slot, in which you pay a bit more however you'd be working with an artist of this species to make your Naukai!

Naukai Chart by Cinnamouse


Art: sariasong64 
Character: Valravna (Formerly Mine)


The Naukai hail from a realm called Aluin. Aluin has a single super continent by the same name and it is home to many species of Fantasy, including Dragons, Dwarves, Orcs, Gnomes, Elves, Fairies, Valkyries, and many more. Like any of these species, the Naukai choose to live in specific areas. For them, it is the Beaches and the Ocean. The Beach villages tend to have mixed communities, and most Naukai who make their home on these beaches tend to have more color in their feathers as well as bigger horns. In contrast, Naukai who make their homes in the Ocean tend to have more cool colors for feathers and have smaller horns, making swimming and maneuvering much easier for themselves.

However, it isn’t uncommon for Naukai to travel inward into the Continent. These Naukai tend to have fur on their ears and some even have legs similar to that of a Satyr, while their tails (which appear while in water) tend to be shorter and have smaller fins.

The Naukai also tend to be rather peaceful, though some can be very aggressive. This, however, doesn’t have anything to do with the element they possess. It’s simply how they choose to live their lives, as Naukai are a very open, very free race.

When it comes to relationships, the Naukai do not discriminate. They love unconditionally regardless of who or what you are. However, they don’t like Openness. They believe that if you are together, your business is your business and no one should have to know it, nor should it be flaunted. This is because the Naukai have a “Go with the flow” kind of personality, and when one causes a ripple it tends to throw the flow off balance.

The Elements a Naukai can have are solely based on the Parents, whether they are both Naukai or only one is. For example, a Naukai with a Fire Element and a Naukai with an Air Element of a chance to produce a Naukai with an Electricity element. However, this doesn’t mean that the child cannot have one of its Parents’ Elements. It’s just a possibility. As for a Naukai and, let’s say, an Elf. This mix has the same results in terms of the child gaining one of its Parents’ elements, but the mix is bound to be more Rare than Uncommon. For example, if the Naukai Parent has an Air Element and the Elf had a Water one, the child may have the Crystal Element, but at a much lower rate than the previously mentioned elements.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Other Details

  • Naukai Ears are like Elf or Satyr. All are pretty common, as well as having fur on the ear (if Satyr ears). The ears can be long or small, that is absolutely dependent on you. [Example]

  • Naukai hair is made up mostly or completely of feathers. [Example 1 / Example 2]

  • Their Tails, however, will always be unique to only themselves. Their designs reflect their Element as well as their Personality. For Example, one with the Electricity element whom is Quiet and Gentle could possibly have a Thin Energetic, Elegant and Glowing Electrical pattern or colors on the tail, but the actual fin at the bottom would be like a lace gently moving throw the water.

  • Note that your Naukai can have legs on land! This way, they are able to commune with Land Races.

  • It is possible (uncommon, but possible) that if a Naukai mates with a being outside of it’s race, the child will never have a tail when it gets in water. Instead, the legs will have tattoos/markings/fur patterns based on it's personality and element instead.

  • Wings are possible (borderline Rare, so please ask), but only on the lower back. A Naukai could never have more than 1 pair of wings. The wings HAVE to look the same. Ex. You’d have to choose between a pair of Angel wings or a pair of Demon wings.

  • There is a Mutation in the Naukai tail and Feathers that occur during certain times of the year! During these times, the tail will represent something other than the Naukai’s personality and element, resulting in a more themed tail! However, the tail still manages to stay unique to that particular Naukai!

  • Naukai Feathers, while they may not look it, can actually become pretty sharp. Some Naukai actually tend to use them as weapons (especially since the feathers grow back within a day!) like throwing knives. For this reason, sometimes other races go as far as to purchase feathers from Naukai.. Or hunt them.

  • Naukai horns come in many different shapes and sizes! They can be shaved down or grown, as well! Naukai tend to take precious care of their horns to make sure to make sure they don’t cause any trouble. [Example 1 / Example 2 / Example 3]


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