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Hello everyone!  Been posting a lot of fox stuff lately for Floral Frolic, but I wanted to share with you some other things I've been working on!  This is No Face from Spirited Away!  He's offering some gold and bath tokens and stuff...maybe you would like some??..??  

I originally did this piece for a gallery show; it was a total experiment because they wanted something done traditionally (and most everything I do is digital, expect for my inking Sweatdrop...  ).  Anyway, I tried to be brave and had an experiment!  This was a combo of both Copic markers and india ink.  I used alcohol to dilute the marker and got some interesting effects!  Then blix-it helped me with adding a watercolor wash to it!  

Anyway, the reason I'm posting now is because this gets to be a shirt of TeeFury on the 25th!  I own some TeeFury shirts and the print quality is pretty nice.  They're also REALLY affordable- only $14 if you get them on Thursday!  It's really exciting- I never thought my artwork would get to be on a fancy shirt site!  

Please check out this shirt on Teefury on the 25th!!!

This piece ended up being one of a four part set that I worked on with blix-it !  You can see her Ohmu and Teto here, which matches No Face, along with Kodama, which we worked on together!  
Ohmu and Teto from Nausicaa!! by blix-itKodama Shirts on Teefury Tomorrow!!! by blix-it

Drawn, Inked, Colored by me!
Background Ink Wash by blix-it 

Copic Marker
India Ink
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