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Bunny Tea

By Cinnamoron
I drew this special for Sugar Ninjas Vol. 2! The book should be coming out soon; I'll post more info on it when it becomes available! <3


For anyone interested, Sugar Ninjas is a all girls comics anthology! Vol. 1 is available now! Shop Sugar Ninjas!
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amanda, guess who is finally on yep, it's me, bobpendarvis! i'm building my page and adding favorites and all that stuff, so of course the only person whose deviantart name i can remember is yours, ha ha. do you know any other scaddies on deviantart i can try to friend and favoritize?

also, this cover you drew for SUGAR NINJAS continues to melt my heart every time i see it. <3
Cinnamoron's avatar
Yay!!! Glad to see you on here! Sent you a note, so check your messages! :meow:
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thanks, cinnamoron. i'm already feeling very welcome here and i hope i finally get used to how things work here eventually, ha ha. by the way, your recent postings are so beautiful that they literally brought tears to my eyes...i'm a sucker for all-things cinnamoron, the girliest girl in town!
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Yup. Just gonna go burn my hands and never attempt to draw again. ;w;
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dawww...don't say that! :saddummy:
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Hi! : D I just wanted to say that I love this picture sooo much. ; 3;~ My mom went to Dragon*Con this weekend and bought a print of this from you (along with another one that I'm gonna fave and comment on, too 8D), and I was so happy when she showed it to me! She doesn't even know that I'm really into Lolita (and of course couldn't recognize that that's what the girl is wearing), so it was an insane coincidence!

Also adorable bunnies are totally my thing. ; 3; And teacups. And flowers. And bows and frilly and happy and asdhsalhfjfasfdl

Sorry if this comes across as being so weird. XD I'm just totally smitten with this image and want to hang the print in my room. ; 3;~ I was so happy that I could find it online so I could leave you this comment. n_n
Cinnamoron's avatar
Oh, no, it's not weird at all! I'm glad to know that I helped your mom pick out the right prints for you!

I had a lot of moms coming to my table asking me advice on what prints to get their daughters; I just had to guess on what to recommend for everyone. I'm glad you got the right ones! XD
Bon-Bon-Bunny's avatar
XD That's too funny! I wanna sell at conventions too so I guess I better start practicing on making recommendations to people. XD
xsweetxXcandyx's avatar
I bought this print at otakon, it's really lovely ^ _ ^
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This is adorable, and the detail is really impressive- everything from the lace on her clothes to the heels of her shoes.
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I saw this cover nt the art gallery at DragonCon and fell in love with it. Please tell me there is a way to order a print of this!
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Thanks for the print request! :love: I've been meaning to set this up as a print, but I've been a little distracted trying to prepare for AWA (which is this weekend). When I return next week, I'll be sure to get it uploaded for you. Sorry for the wait! ^^;
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That's so cute!! Your art makes me so happy. ^^
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Aww! Sh's so sweet! =D :tea:
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This is adorable!!
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I loved you draw...!
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*squee* cute bunnies!
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Ahhh this is adorable~ *u* I love the details <3333
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