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Just a little re draw of Fluttershy 

October 2017 

Let me know your thoughts <3
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Cute flutters!
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I love how it's become more toony and your shading style has deffo improved and the eyes have a lot more detail
its amazinn
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I think your anatomy for ponies has improved a lot! The eyes look especially better, but I liked how the original was more stylized, particularly the hair. The way you did the hair on this one makes her hair look more plastic while and the original it looks like I could go up and pet her 0w0

idk though you did an amazing job! Honestly, I just love the fluffy cuteness of the other one, this one lets out more of a peaceful calming vibe but if you make the hair less of a bright pink the would come across a little better
overall 9/10 

(sorry I never get peoples thoughts when I ask em so I gave mine lol) 
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Tysm for the feed back!
Honestly I did go back a tweak the colours to make them light cause I agree with you that the colours are quite bright compared to the other one. I used the shows fluttershys colour pallet for this one and my own for the other and it made a difference.

But yeh tysm!
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