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Pixel Cake

For Lady Delaidra and Tiana Sidhe's bridal shower on
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it's so beautiful
Hazel7243's avatar
That's really well done!
krazybabe135's avatar
That is beautiful. I love the elegant detail.
mintyy's avatar
This work has been featured in Keyword Discoveries #2 :love: !
Plecote's avatar
looks so yummehhhh~!! :heart: :drool:
posiekitty's avatar
OH MY GOSH you pixeled this??? It's amazing!!!!! :D :D :D I love it!! :D
ripe-cheese's avatar
wow this is amazing! great work! very impressive!

im new to pixel art and i was just there some trick to it? i mean i zoom to 1600 and draw every pixel, is there an easier way?
CinnamonSin's avatar
Nope, that's pretty much it. You can use photoshop layers to help a bit, but other than that, it's all done dot by dot.
ripe-cheese's avatar
cool! so it just takes time and talent! i use Fireworks for my pixel stuff, do you think that photoshop is better?
CinnamonSin's avatar
I'm not familiar with fireworks, but as long as it has layers and a pencil tool, it should do just as well.
ripe-cheese's avatar
now that is some impressive pixel art! i really like it great job!

i am actually starting pixel art and im still new so im wondering, is there a trick or do you just zoom to 1600 and do each pixel by hand?
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