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"This is how life oughta be."
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A variety of art, from fanart to original characters to photos to stories, hopefully something will float your boat :)


Ashia: Priestess of Light and the Titans by ChristopherOnciu Ashia: Priestess of Light and the Titans :iconchristopheronciu:ChristopherOnciu 680 14 Fruits Basket by sharkie19 Fruits Basket :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 2,363 96 Maple Story Requests by chaosphoniex Maple Story Requests :iconchaosphoniex:chaosphoniex 3 2 pointy by frolis-maneuver pointy :iconfrolis-maneuver:frolis-maneuver 18 1 Year of the Pig by celesse Year of the Pig :iconcelesse:celesse 606 22
+ Split payments are accepted for larger projects, I will provide initial sketch before you pay, I do not officially start until I confirmed with you I have received an 20-30% advance. (for small projects that's about 20-40 USD I ask for 50% advance after showing a sketch.) 
+ I will provide weekly updates until it's done. (If I forget, please email me to remind me) 
+ And I will give you a mid-way advance request, I will only continue the project once the mid-way advance is made. 
+ I will not request final payment (about the last 20-30% of the payment) until I finish the project and show you a finished screen shot. (unless you choose to trust me)
+ I will send over printable files once the final payment is made. 
+ I keep all commission info in my emails, occasionally, when the project gets official and big (over 600 dollars) I may request a contract/ or provide one.
+My work done for the commission is all done as "work for hire" for t
:iconmayshing:mayshing 6 70
Character Design: Ashia by ChristopherOnciu Character Design: Ashia :iconchristopheronciu:ChristopherOnciu 1,093 28 Fae by ChristopherOnciu Fae :iconchristopheronciu:ChristopherOnciu 227 5 The Dark Axis Commission by Xzeit The Dark Axis Commission :iconxzeit:Xzeit 26 10 Valiant Force: Snow White and Drake the Dragoon by mayshing Valiant Force: Snow White and Drake the Dragoon :iconmayshing:mayshing 97 5 meteor dragon - Cosmos by sandara meteor dragon - Cosmos :iconsandara:sandara 4,790 146 2019 Commissions Sheet by chaosphoniex 2019 Commissions Sheet :iconchaosphoniex:chaosphoniex 4 0 Hhoota WIPs by GreekCeltic Hhoota WIPs :icongreekceltic:GreekCeltic 604 15 Cover art - Of Dragon Warrens and Other Traps by sandara Cover art - Of Dragon Warrens and Other Traps :iconsandara:sandara 3,105 65 Got It Memorized? -Alternate by Saimain Got It Memorized? -Alternate :iconsaimain:Saimain 217 5


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CinnaMonroe's Profile Picture
EB/Cinna | ♀ | ✞
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Hello!! I am an enthusiastic some-what energetic 20-something year old who is crazy about art and writing! I graduated with a BAS in Animation & Visual Effects! My passion lies in illustration, film and writing (mainly being a colorist!!)

My favorite color is purple and the combinations of turquoise & purple as well as red & purple.

I block day old-week old accounts to prevent harassment and theft. Empty accounts will be blocked automatically as well as suspicious accounts.

E-Depth Angel Stamp by CinnaMonroe E-DA: None Shall Rise Stamp by CinnaMonroe I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke
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Art + Writing Commissions [Open]

Sun Jan 14, 2018, 2:40 PM
My commissions are open indefinitely for now due to various living expenses and always needing a bit of extra cash.

Until I get a proper image sheet to show what I offer here's a list:


Bullet; Purple Icons/Avatar Commission

~Pixel Heads: all 50x50px, made via pixels with a limited color scheme and shading.
*Price: $7 (one mouth expression, no blinking) [+$2 for each special additions/ more than two expression changes (ex: smirk to smile to frown+blinking, moving head, special element (music notes, question mark, (...), sleepy z's)]
.Commission. TF: Spacesaw Avatar by CinnaMonroe icon-Mayshing by mayshing(1 expression = $7),  TF: Silverjumper Avatar by CinnaMonroe (2 mouth expressions = $9) :iconroxietran: (blink+2 expressions = $11), TF: Fyreant Avatar by CinnaMonroe(3 expression + special (head move) = $13)
BACON the Robot Avatar by CinnaMonroe(multiple blink + special), TF: Edenrod Avatar by CinnaMonroe (multiple blink + 2 special), TF: Ravebreaker Avatar by CinnaMonroe (1 expression w/ 3 special = $13),

Bullet; Green Plushies

~Chibis (biped/2 legged characters)
Made from felt fabric and polyfiber stuffing, hand sewn & hot glue gunned, puff paint for some details/eyes. Roughly 8 inches tall, give or take a few inches. Plushies are created using a custom pattern I created. If you wish another size there's extra cost for making a new template. *Must have a reference for front and back, or else I'll charge you extra for character design)
*Price: $35-$55+ (depending on size and detail, standard size is 8 inches tall or slightly taller)
Crystal Plushie -Quarry Bday- by CinnaMonroe (7 1/2 in tall) | Guilly the Plushie by CinnaMonroe  Angel Love the Plushie TechNurse by CinnaMonroe
Lien Lei Plushie -Bday- '10 by CinnaMonroe (8 in)| AT: Plushie Noah by CinnaMonroe (8 1/2 in)

+ Extra details/Complex Design
If your character has a complex design more material is used to create it (example: Transformer characters) so there is an extra charge. You can request a specific color or material (button eyes, blush) but you will be billed accordingly to cover the cost of the specially requested material due to some materials having to be special ordered/are not available in stores.
8-9 1/2inches tall ($40-60+ for complex designs like these. Reference sheets speed up the process)
TF: Sideswipe Plushie by CinnaMonroe TF: Bumblebee (Movieverse) Plushie by CinnaMonroe
TF Prime: Bumblebee Plushie by CinnaMonroe 
Depends on how big the item is and where its going to. Anything sent outside the US will take longer to arrive. Most of the time it takes 2-4 weeks. You MUST provide a shipping address.
*US: $8 | Canada: $9.50 | Everywhere Else: $12

Bullet; Purple Bust/Portrait Commission

From the chest up! Single color background by default, can request simple design/pattern
~Flat color: (no shading or highlights)
*Price: $9
(with transparent bg or simple color background) +$4 additional character bust in same image
CommissionExample BustFl-2ML by CinnaMonroe CommissionExample BustFl-LLG by CinnaMonroe DigiFakeWeekGift17 by CinnaMonroe BDay - Mizu Clan's Most Endearing by CinnaMonroe

(soft shaded or hard shadow lines, sometimes a mix. Specify!)
*Price: $12 (with simple background) +$2 if complex design (wings, intricate horns, many clothing/metal details, etc) or for more detailed background
 Nova in the Night by CinnaMonroe   The Crooked One by CinnaMonroe  BDay - Amidable Prince by CinnaMonroe
~Painted: (Digitally painted to look rendered as a traditionally painted portrait)
*Price: $20 (with simple background)
BDay - The Unsuspecting Wanderer by CinnaMonroe Dressed for Success and World Conquest by CinnaMonroe  BDay - Endearing Angel by CinnaMonroe

Bullet; GreenPortrait Sheet

Receive a sheet of multiple characters from the chest up in a collection of portrait lineup.
~Flat color (no to minimal shading or highlights)
*Price: $12
for 2 characters/busts (simple 1 color background, usually white) +$4 additional character bust (6-8 max per sheet)
  Vision of Escaflowne Lineup by CinnaMonroe 2Masters Lineup by CinnaMonroe E-Depth Angel: The Heroes by CinnaMonroe X-Note: The Victims Of A Bigger Game by CinnaMonroe


I have written various self projects and paid projects, including for visual novel games and comics. I have a max on 10k words, 13-15 pages max (depending on format) just because of the size of the project. If you want to hire me as the primary writer for a longer project, we can negotiate and draw up a contract so both parties are protected with credit; simply contact me so we can talk.
*Note: The more characters you want written, the more complicated aka longer the piece. You can find most of my public writing here


OCs and fancharacters welcome! I do fanfics and original fiction. I will write for fandoms I feel comfortable/knowledgeable about (Movies, TV shows, Video Games, Anime/Cartoons, Manga/Comics... ie: Miraculous Ladybug, Digimon, Transformers, Voltron:LD, SDGF, Disney films, Ghibli Studio movies, Marvel, DC comics, etc). OCs require more details and clear direction/vision from the client, it's better if I have some sample art and writing so I can get into their heads and world. Feel free to ask about the fandoms! I will give you an honest answer on whether or not I feel comfortable writing in that fandom/canon. (If I do not know the series, you will have to educate me and I'll do my best to consult the series' wiki and look up videos, but this adds time and cost due to research)

My pricing structure is as follows: $0.01 (one cent) per word, minimum of $5. (For example, a 400-word commission will cost $5 as will a 500-word commission. A 2,000-word commission will cost $20, a 10,000-word commission $100, and so on.) I have a maximum length limit of 10,000 words per commission, unless a long term project. This is mostly due to scheduling restrictions I must deal with.

1,000 - 1,500: $10
1,501 - 2,000: $15
2,001 - 2,500: $20
2,501 - 3,000: $25
3,000 - 4,000: $30
And so on to 10kish
(If I go slightly over the paid wordcount, that's on me. No worries.)

Bullet; Blue Prose - Blurbs, Snippets & Scripts

Comes in a variety of writing styles, see samples below. Includes doing RP/Script format (ex: Optimus Prime: [closes optics, solemn] This is a grave error. | Ratchet: [exasperated, gestures with hand] Optimus, we cannot afford any errors! Look at our situation!)
~Best for two characters interacting or a short group interaction of no more than 4 characters.
*500-1000 words (1-2 pages)
*1001-2000 words (2.5-3 pages)

  *600ish words |  *1kish words |  *1kish words | *1.8k words | *2k words |

Bullet; Orange Prose - Short Stories

(this is reserved for fandoms I know and friends whose OCs I know well enough to get into character which speeds up production and creativity. Not for first time clients or ones without past examples)
*2001-10,000k words (20ish pages max)

  *3.5kish words | A Gotham Winter by CinnaMonroe *7k+ words  | Entangled Worlds - A Tangled AU by CinnaMonroe *10k+ words |  *11k+ words

Bullet; Blue Scripts - Prose to Comic Adaption & Comic Script

Do you have a writing project you need help with adapting for comic? I can team up with you to help break down your writing to more coherent script type writing, removing the prose clutter. Depending on the complexity shots can be broken down to just a few panels or end up spread over 3-4 pages for pacing vs how'd read as a story. Please email/note me for consultations and details to work out per-page/a bundle deal as it varies on what I have to work with.

*Examples I have are from a script I originally wrote as prose, converted it to script and gave it to an artist I commissioned:

Pg1. *Establishing shot (city scenery): [Paris, France] Night time, lamp posts are lit. Panel 2: The lights flicker as large shadow shoots past.
N O I R pg 01 by Riza23

Pn3 (turned into pg 2): *Long shot/medium shot: BLACKWARGREYMON, shown as a shadow, stumbles back as a shadowy giant humanoid dinosaur, Tuskmon, swipes at it. (The shapes are shadowed, implied identity but still a bit mysterious.) [Artist took liberties to change some movements]
N O I R pg 02 by Riza23

Pg2 (turned into pg 3). TUSKMON as dinosaur shaped shadow with pupil-less eyes roars/snarls, leaping at its retreating opponent (BlackWarGreymon) shouting- TUSKMON: Panzer Knuckle! BLACKWARGREYMON defends by backhanding the shadow opponent TUSKMON w/ his gauntlet.
N O I R pg 03 by Riza23 


Star! Payment is USD through PayPal

I will give you my paypal email address once I've accepted the commission! Do not give my information to anyone. I will send you an invoice to break down what your product is.

Note When paying: Hit "Pay or Send Money" then click "Send money to friends and family", then type in my paypal address, type in the $ (USD) amount and "add note" to tell me who you are (dA user) and who your character is (ex: "Mumz on dA, character: Lolpear"); Unless you do this when sending paypal payment to another member, they will subtract a fee from the money you send, either slapping the sender or receiver with the fine. If I get slapped with a fee I will send you proof and ask you send a replacement amount. PLEASE let me know if you're converting your currency to USD via Paypal, this automatically adds a fee to the payment and I must adjust prices. If you don't I will ask that you send me a fee to make up for the cost, sorry (I will provide screenshot evidence).

Bullet; Red  I reserve the right to reject a commission if I don't feel comfortable with the content or characters requested. I do not do hateful content, smut, explicit language, slash, sex, violence in the lines of: rape, incest, pedophilia, and abuse, etc.
Bullet; Red  DO NOT give any my contact information or PayPal information to any other person. You will be reported and blocked, possibly prosecuted as well.
Bullet; Red  Please don't pay me until I've confirmed that I'll do your commission.
Bullet; Red  For Writing: A up-front initial fee will be requested, with final payment due upon completion of work. Partial payment may be requested for commissions cancelled in-progress. I reserve the right to withhold HD versions of images and PDFs w/o watermarks/ finished doc until final payment to avoid theft/skimping on the deal.
Bullet; Red  I won't draw stolen/copycat/traced/altered characters. No exceptions.
Bullet; Red Finished commissions will be uploaded to my DeviantArt gallery as well Tumblr/Instagram. The unwatermarked version and any other filetype can be provided exclusively to the commissioner for download via email or private note.
Bullet; Red Do not hurry me. I am usually fast but I have real life duties to attend to. I will keep in contact with you on the status of your commission.

Now, if you want one....

Star! Requesting Commission:

Note me the following information: 
Email Send 
-Your Name/username: 
-Your paypal email address so that I know you've paid!
-Mailing Address (if Plushie Commission)
Commission info:
-Type of Commission: Pixel Icon, Bust/Portrait, Plushie etc
-Commission Type Detail: Bust Portrait (Flat Color w/ 1 additional character & regular background)), Pixel Head (1 icon w/ 2 expressions), etc.
-Price total: $$ (USD) (I may give a discount or round of higher due to materials/details)
-Character(s) Name:
-Description and visual reference: If you have any references of your character(s), please include them here! Also jot down important information about your characters appearance and attitude (personality is a biggie!). Pretty much just throw at me whatever you can here! (Eye color, hair color, etc). Drawn character references/character sheets are a must for Plushies, and preferred in general
(For Pixel art tell me what expression you want, happy (smile or smirk or toothy smile), sad, etc. Does it blink? Does it have a special action? (Head move, symbol appear, etc)
(For Plushie let me know if you have special additions you'd like for your plushie (ex: button eyes (special ordered), blush, etc)
-Anything else you'd like to inform me of, by all means do so.

*For a visual reference: make sure it's an up-to-date and good reference for the character. It's a waste of time sifting through galleries searching for a decent ref to draw the character. Thank you in advance!

Star! Slots


Peace Reserved/Wait-list


Spotlight Finished CommissionsSpotlight 

:iconjm-henry:  Commish- Volken Plushie by CinnaMonroe || :iconharseik: Commish - Gwynn Plushie (DnD) by CinnaMonroe || :iconcovertmermaid: Commish - Minette Plushie by CinnaMonroe

:iconxzeit: Commish - Melody Plushie by CinnaMonroe || :iconpumpkinachai: Commish - Unlikely Duo by CinnaMonroe / Commish - A Day With You by CinnaMonroe


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