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i was looking at a pile of clothes in the dark and i was know, that looks like a lizard. so i drew it.

the markings too forever, and they look like poo. but it's all good. cause as a whole i like it. the face turned out so well. i'm super happy~!

there's no real reason to full view it. it's pretty messy.
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She dose look kinda cute. Do you think I could use it in a youtube video I am working on with other anthro artist?
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Yep, i'd be honored
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Any conditions you wish to state before I do so?
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No as long as you credit me. Send me the link! I'd like to see it when it's done! Thank you!
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Inspired by a pile of clothes- now that's artistic imagination!:D And there is just something about a girl with a tail....:boogie:
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Aww man, I wrote a comment and dA ate it. I hope there aren't two- sorry if so.

She's so cute! I love the pose and the arms and hands. She looks a little devious, like she's making a plan. The shape of her eyes is really fantastic, and I love the source of inspiration for it all! (I think I'll dump some clothes on the floor and see what art's in 'em) Original all around!
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I like it! I don't know if it's the unusual pose or what, but I feel you were successful in creating a feasible hybrid here. Love those tented, spidery hands.
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I really love how you did her skin
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thank you so much~! it took forever, but i really like it too ^_^
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That pose must have been so difficuld to draw 0.0

I love the eyes!!
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the pose just happened. i don't know how XD
the hands were really hard, cause i couldn't do the pose myself and draw it at the same time.

thank you~! ^_^
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O____O? Wow a camelion girl. I wonder what a kiss from her feels
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probably slimy...maybe smelly too. LOL
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nhay mess rules :p
i realy like the face and the ribings
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messy drawings forever~!!! XD

thank you so much~! :hug:
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I love the tongue, it makes her look kind of like a iguana.
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she's suppose to be a jackson chameleon, but i didn't want to do texture. so she's kinda like an iguana, chameleon, and frog thing...yeah.
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great work, incredible , i love the eyes and the hands, but the colour of the eyes is amazing
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thank you so much~! actually alot of the coloring was inspired by you~! i shaded w/ blue~! the eyes are my favorite part~!
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really?? thanks cinnamonmaryjane ,that is the most beauty thing that nobody has tell me ever... you have a big talent and i think you are younger than me ,you will be five times better than me ^^ i'm very happy to inspirate to somebody i think that is the better thing an artist can do in his life ^^
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welcome ^_^ :hug:
but i really think your far more talented. and i hope things are going well, and i hope to see more of your work.
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