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Watch You From a Far</b>

I watch you from a far
And i think to myself
A want you more today
Than i did yesterday
And yet you and i
Are no closer to being
"Us" now, than we were in
The beginning.
Sometimes i think
We'll never be more
Than we are now
And what we are now
Is killing me

I want so much more
Than you can give to me
I want so much more
Than i can give to you
It's a vicious cycle
That keeps repeating it's self
Running round and round
Never getting any closer
To happiness at the end of the tunnel

I watch you from a far
And think to myself
Why can't i have you?
Why cant things be different?
When will things change?

I watch you from a far
As a tear slips down my cheek
And my heart skips a beat
Knowing this is as close as I'll
Ever get to you
I watch you from a far
Because that's all i can do

~CINN 3/15/09
You're so far away, yet so very close in my heart
But still all I can do is watch you from a far
SugarHeartedGirl Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I am making this a very neutral comment, and I am not a troll. Do not get angry at me for correcting your grammar.
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March 15, 2009
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