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scars upon my arms, reminder of past mistakes
reminder of past pain, reminder of who i am
and who I don't want to be
scars upon my arms, jagged lines, pink and white
remind me how scared i get, how bad lonely hurts
remind me just how unstable life can be
scars upon my arms make people
turn away and whisper
"oh that poor girl" "how disgusting" "how could she
do that to herself"
and whisper still
"she should be locked away" "don't go around that freak"
scars up on my arms, judgements past, when you haven't
even said as little as "hello"
you're self rightous, ignorant piece of work
who cant see past the scars upon my arms
scars for all to see and still more scars,
scars upon my heart, no one can see
they are no less real, no less intense
scars upon my heart remember past heart break
remember past pain, past torments
scars upon my heart rougher, & sharper edgded,
digging deep into my soul
renewing the pain every time i close my eyes
or i hear you whisper & pass me by
scars upon my soul invisible to all
make me feel all of lifes pain
all of lifes disappointments
scars upon my soul never to close,
bleeding over and over again
bleeding forever more
scars inside and out
scars upon myself...
reminding me of all my mistakes,of all my pain
of all the things i can never be
of all the things i can never achive
scars upon myself tattooed into my very soul

~JoAnn Johnson ~3/18/09
i may have scars, i may have tattoos, but what gives "you" the right to judge me? What makes "you" better than me?

some of this is true some is made I ok?
i dunno but i'm sure i'll survive.....
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Submitted on
March 18, 2009
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