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Now I know
Now I know</b>
What you stole from me can never be replaced
I doubt you even care I doubt I ever cross your mind
Seems so unfair when never far from mine
Your words sounded so sweet & sincere
I took in every one hook, line & sinker
I believe you when you said you cared
I believed you when you said you'd never hurt me
I believed you when you said you loved me
I even believed you when you said you'd never hurt me again
But never sure did come fast, & the pain rushed back
White shards of lights was all I saw
As my head hit the floor
The rest is a bit hazy as my eyes roll back in my head
I awake to find myself battered & bruised
All alone in that cold empty room
You were no where in sight
You were no where to be found
Soon the guilt kicked in followed quickly by shame
Self loathing wasn't far from the surface
As I questioned myself over & over
How could I let this happen?
What did I do to make you mad?
As I questioned myself; Why wasn't I good enough?
You fled farther and farther
:iconcinnamongurl22:cinnamongurl22 1 0
Goodbye To You
Goodbye to You
My eyes are finally clear
The haze of loving you is gone
I watched you walk out of sight
As I cried my last tear for you
My hearts no longer breaking
Your lies no longer echo through my head
The sun has broken through that dark clouds
That were hovering over my head
The rain has finally stopped
And a smile has returned to my face
Goodbye may hurt for a moment
But loving you, hurts far worse
As I watched you walk out of sight
As the wind blew away the last of my pain
Standing on my own two feet at last
Feeling like my own person again
Who knew it'd take your leaving
To make me whole again
Goodbye to loving you
Goodbye to the tears I used to cry
Goodbye to the pain you caused me
Goodbye to my broken heart
Goodbye, Goodbye to you
~Cinn 10/19/09
:iconcinnamongurl22:cinnamongurl22 1 3
Mature content
Scars :iconcinnamongurl22:cinnamongurl22 1 0
Watch You From a far
Watch You From a Far</b>
I watch you from a far
And i think to myself
A want you more today
Than i did yesterday
And yet you and i
Are no closer to being
"Us" now, than we were in
The beginning.
Sometimes i think
We'll never be more
Than we are now
And what we are now
Is killing me
I want so much more
Than you can give to me
I want so much more
Than i can give to you
It's a vicious cycle
That keeps repeating it's self
Running round and round
Never getting any closer
To happiness at the end of the tunnel
I watch you from a far
And think to myself
Why can't i have you?
Why cant things be different?
When will things change?
I watch you from a far
As a tear slips down my cheek
And my heart skips a beat
Knowing this is as close as I'll
Ever get to you
I watch you from a far
Because that's all i can do
~CINN 3/15/09
:iconcinnamongurl22:cinnamongurl22 2 1
I'm Haunted_rewrite
I'm Haunted
I'm haunted by thoughts of
What we once shared
What was lost
What can never be again
What I should of done
What I should of said
I'm haunted by thoughts
Of what did happened
What should of never been
By what will forever torment me
I'm haunted by images
Of kisses once shared
Embraces freely gave
Smiles in the candle light
Endless hours of love making
Laying safe in your strong arms
The warmth of your naked body next to mine
The sent of you, after a shower
The taste of  your flesh, as my tongue explored
The silkiness of your hair 'tween my fingers
I’m haunted by images of  who you were
I'm haunted by our last fight
It seems so silly now
How I wish that I wasn't so stubborn
And I would of listened
But no I knew I was right and
You were wrong, oh so wrong
I’m haunted by that one mistake
That was made in a rage of anger
How was I to know what fate
Had in store for us
How that night would forever
Change us
The rain began to pour
The lightening strea
:iconcinnamongurl22:cinnamongurl22 0 0
SPLAT by cinnamongurl22 SPLAT :iconcinnamongurl22:cinnamongurl22 0 1 The Path To Wonderland by cinnamongurl22 The Path To Wonderland :iconcinnamongurl22:cinnamongurl22 1 1
empty void feels my heart...nothingness left
where once was creative thoughts
so very cold....i feel nothing but cold....
numbing me to my very core
i try and i try.... to break free
of this hold it has on me
try as i's hold is far greater
shiver goes down my spine
as the darkness closes in all around me......
light fading where to turn
no where to run.....
just the cold....the darkness
just.....nothing.....nothing left.....
:iconcinnamongurl22:cinnamongurl22 0 7
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My crazy mixed up gallery. To take a look at it, is like taking a look into my head, my mind and my soul, my past, my present, and maybe even my future....dark, gloomy, happy, sad or just plain insane....take a look inside if you dare...

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Submissions that I just can't pass up they all touch me in some way or another....many many talented artist here....I love each and every one of you.


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Pieces I so wish I owned a copy of. These are some of my very favorites on dA



JoAnn J
United States
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Favourite cartoon character: Johnny Bravo
Personal Quote: There is no real freedom without the freedom to fail ~ Eric Hoffer/Sweet/rite on
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OMG I can't believe how long it's been since I've been here. Good news is I do
have a new job!!! Some days I love it so much, other days, like today, I just wish it was time to go home. I don't really have anything to update.
Just working, working working & working some more.
I haven't done anything really artist in the longest time.
Only thing artist I've done is get some ink done. I love my tattoos!!!
Any who I'm on facebeook & myspace
much love to my dA family

MONDAY is not a good day......
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