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Unknown Depths

Inspired by kelogsloops' works :3

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hope you're doing good now please take care <3

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Thanks for your sweet message! I'm fine, I hope you're, too. Take care and have a wonderful day :)

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I selected your piece for this special journal

Many reasons (the subject, the skills, the story behind this piece...) but the maint reason is that i felt and feel something unique when i saw / see your piece

And i just wanna share it with many people and hope that they will come here to see more than what they discover(ed) via my little journal

Thank YOU for the "trip" and the magic

Take care and have a nice sunday !

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Hey, thanks a lot! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

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The contrast here is gorgeous

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This is bloody great!

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Wow, there's so much pain and emotion in this! It's a very stunning and eye-catching piece, the white hair is really vibrant against the muted, darker background.
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ooooh kinda cool... where did your get the inspiration?  please do more :)
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As mentioned in the description I was mainly inspired by the color pallets and works of Kelogsloops. I'm not sure if he is still active here on dA, but he has a wonderful YouTube-Channel and for sure an instagram-account ;) And then I just started doodling in my sketchbook what I thought felt right and this happened as the final result :)
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this might sound wierd, but wat does receiveing sending a lama mean?
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Waw, you're very skilled in watercolor !
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Gives me a Kelogsloops kind of vibe and i love it ! Great work ! :clap:
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Yeah, he inspired me a lot to this. I love how he uses blues and reds in his work and I wanted to give it a try, since I rarely use blues ;D
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:clap: you did an amazing job, very sweet illustration :3
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I love how unique and different this picture is
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