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Season of the Witch | Happy Autumn Equinox!

Had this idea stuck in my head and in my sketchbook since May.

Happy autumn equinox to y'all!

Materials: Faber Castell  Pigment Liner (0.05, 0.1) on 120g/m² paper.


I'm open for

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very beautiful expressive work

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Wow this is incredible!!

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I love your style

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Amazing charming work :)

That's one way to get splinters in uncomfortable places.

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Love this. Awesome work.

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Amazing art work and concept!

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Amazing pose and composition!

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that's an unusually beautiful witch! most of them look like old men xD

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Trust me, there are lots of beautiful witches out there - on their in- and outside. And for the old hags: They were young and possibly beautiful, too ;D

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This is beautiful. Stunning linework!

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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!

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Uumm...this is really good but.. so you think it might be.. like, classed as mature content? Sorry if you don't think so and please don't take offense from this! I think it's really good so keep up the great work!! :) :thumbsup:

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Hey there, thanks for pointing this out :) Honestly I wasn't sure about that. But since it does not expose specific bodyparts like intim parts or nipples, I perceived it as artistic nudity in a sense of figure drawing. And it should be in line with the community rules :) But I'll keep an eye on that.

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