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If you like bokeh texture stock then check out my stock account. I recently uploaded a ton and still have more to upload. :iconcinnamoncandy-stock: :D

Now, on to the important stuff! :excited:

Free Pusheen Cat Icon by iDJPanda :thumb482259645: Dryad Learns to Fly by BrookeGillette Alaska Bokeh Mountain (freebie) by boldfrontiers The Maze 07 by kuschelirmel-stock Bella Padova. Italia by jennystokes Bamburgh Castle pano by newcastlemale Solitude in Heaven by Methyss Julia by EmilySoto Prayers of mother nature by mrNepa :thumb481792143: :thumb481506692: Crowned by Black-B-o-x Scorpio by EnchantedWhispersArt Feathered Friend by ART-fromthe-HEART Land Of The Free by Trippy4U :thumb481640698: Winter Witch by Enamorte . by Alshain4 War and CancerI want to go back
and meet us one more time,
before the war and the cancer
took up so much of the day -
before my father could no longer
remember what the present
was supposed to mean
and your mother
could still get dressed
without losing her way.
I want to know
what it felt like
to board a plane
to somewhere hidden
and not care
if our names and faces
became lost;
to walk as long
as we wanted
without the sun and moon
creating an argument.
I want to feel you
roll into my arms
where I forgot to cut the grass
and you did not
water the flowers;
to hear you
watching the cardinals
unearth the spring.
And to know once again
how this place
between us
started becoming new.
:thumb481668888: Little panda by ElenaDudina Still Life with Magnolia by Valerhon 128 by mashamaklaut Home to the earls of March by LawrenceCornellPhoto Never Forget This DayI am trapped inside
Four walls around me
With a screen of blue
Can’t find my way
Out of this place
I am being sucked dry
Needle pin pricks
Of pain deep inside
Tell me am alive
Flying demons of
Broken leather wings
Keep flying overhead
My insides want
To explode forever
Yesterday’s lunch
My lips frozen shut
That can’t scream or shout
To warm others about
Tumbling brains
Spin dry full forward
Going around and around
Black smoke choking
Outside of town
Black rain coming down
This moment in time
Is standing still and
Just goes on and on
Everyone will remember
The number 911 forever
When this day is gone
The Guiding Light by Leafbreeze7 Daily Daisies by Brightsmile-didi Talking To The Gods by Nelleke Poppies dancing in the wind by AStoKo Roses by IrKos :thumb481864970: The Mistress by ziggy90lisa STOCK - The Villain II by TheGhostSiren Bait by escume :thumb481874991: Adventure Awaits by FictionChick Another Day by Pajunen King of the Underworld by TaniaART land of waterfalls by NM-art Nyx by Emerald-Depths Celestial kingdom by silentfuneral The spoils by robhas1left Fright Night by slight-art-obsession p h e n o m e n o n by creativemikey Heart [08.2014] by SabakuNoShi :thumb482021527: Tales of the North by nina-Y Autumn Moon Fairy by JannaFairyArt mermaid by Lolita-Artz Aurora 13.09.14 by m-eralp Stock: Bryce Hoodoos by Celem Enchanted twilight ~ Daily Deviation by Ellysiumn :thumb482076819: Time to go Home by Antonio-Figueiredo The Reporters by maxlake2 :thumb482109438: Into the Void by KarahRobinson-Art That Foxy Face by thrumyeye Lakeside Sunset by Artsy50 Wild glance by Bisanti :thumb482181330: Cinderella Stock 2 by Tris-Marie Lost to the Tides by TEMPERATE-SAGE Wreckage by MARX77 Pegasus by MarcoHerrera Monday Afternoon by Frostari :thumb418953390: Peaceful by Rexionete the Spell by nakedcrayon23 Grand Piano by la-esmeralda UNTITLEDMy chimes they sing to a gust of wind
The feel of it somewhat cold
And I was dancing round the bend
In a field of marigolds.
Field mice scatter to where they may
The garden gnomes stoic and bold
I’m listening to what the wind might say
In a field of marigolds.
Fireflies are dancing in the field
Like me they are breaking the mold
Clouds providing a welcomed shield
In a field of marigolds.
Some Marmots are wobbling across the ground
Their meal is both damp and cold
The hummingbirds making that buzzing sound
In a field of marigolds.
The setting sun means that I must leave
But I’ll remember all that was told
Here we untangle the web that was weaved
In this field of marigolds…
David Rogers
Magical Emi by Creamydigital I'm that cool by UAG :thumb481282665: :thumb481294215: Wish you were here ... by gotman68 Half of a Whole by tornadoeyesART :thumb481208346: In love by tamaraR What?!? by BramboraCzech A Real Cliffhanger by FictionChick Acrylic Capitol by boldfrontiers :thumb481017249: Breath by AyaSenoArtLyricalH Free AS Free Can Be by Doumanis Cupcake Confetti by JenFruzz

What I'm listening to right now...
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Candy!!!.. what's up girl??.... first of all... big apology for disappearing like that... Unfortunately my wife had some serious health issues last year which took months to get through and I really needed to tend to her..... Glad to say things are better now and I'm finally back!!.. 
What's up with you??... how've you been??... All good I hope!!... 
Just wanted to stop by and say hi!!... Hope to talk to you soon!!!.. :hug: 

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Uriel!!! :D I wondered what happened to you! I'm so sorry to hear about your wife's health issues, but I'm glad that things are going much better now.  I'm also glad that you're back!  Yes, everything is going good, thank you!  :hug: I look forward to seeing you around more. :heart:
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Thanks for the feature :highfive:
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Thanks for the feature :highfive:
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Thanks, beautiful!
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You are most welcome.
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Thank you dear Candi :heart: :hug:
This is going to be a long season I think :D
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You're welcome. :hug: :heart:
Ha. You might be right. :D
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Thanks so much for adding my image to this beautiful Feature! :aww:
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You are so welcome, Richard. :hug:
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Thanks so much for the feature Candi! :D :heart:
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You're welcome, Paul! :heart:
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Thank you so much for including my art into this Beautiful gallery!Heart  
I am honored!
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HugHeart   (◕ฺ ‿ ◕ฺ✿ฺ)Heart 
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Thank you very much for including my piece. I'm honored. :heart:
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My pleasure, dear. :heart:
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Thank you sp much! :heart: 
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...thank you Candi...:hug:
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My pleasure, Skot. :hug:
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Wonderful feature, Sweetie Babe! :glomp: Thank you so much for including me!
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