Cinnamoncandy's Sunday Feature #25

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Every Sunday I feature my favorite art and stock that I’ve found through my watch list and by browsing through dA.  My choices for this week are:

:thumb95083087: Endstation Eden by Ioneek Genie by StigmaChina The dark side of the moon by FrozenStarRo Goddess of Water by Skye-Luna :thumb94905918: Kimera by edera-ladygoth Magma by Pantoja The 10 commandments by azurylipfe Serenade Of Sorrow by BurakUlker :thumb95049873: :thumb95051612: :thumb95052759: Sisters by IdaLarsenArt Her resting place by EmberRoseArt Bastet by Tammara Long way home... by Ashayaa :thumb94699284: :thumb94707588: The Foxglove Ball by Foxfires Dolores by Eireen :thumb94609776: :thumb94690250: The magic underworld by FrozenStarRo Gamayun by maril1 ladybug. by nichtgraveyet :thumb94543108: Enchantment by Rachzee Unbreakable is my soul by LuneBleu Editorial -La ultima carta-V by RebecaSaray Gemini by Pygar Samhradh by kuschelirmel :thumb94409930: :thumb94287301: Snake dance by Flore-stock Nemo by Iardacil :thumb94081220: :thumb94104854:

Mature Content

LoVe Youuuuuuuuuuu by Mcdbrd
:thumb94148681: :thumb94165253: Lady Jane by oloferla :thumb93980967: Bright Horizons by randomstarlight Saved by the horsedragon by CindysArt love by anaRasha Lady of War by oloferla sense2 by dini25 BeLlA DoNa by deadlybuterfly :thumb93701160: Traveling by Cutteroz L. de Lioncourt by weremoon Lydia by theirison Princess of the Ghost Pirates by Blush-Art :thumb95042654: Temptation by nabey :thumb94705478: The Green Raven by Ravenari -Geisha by cvillarosa :thumb95047526: Horse by jullia-jullia Baby's Breath by romino4000 Megalopolis by AlexRuizArt Left Behind by DusterAmaranth The Violinist by ellaine Playing With My III Balls by psion005 Lost Paradise by D-e-v-i :thumb94636754: steps by damnengine :thumb94830747: :thumb94647198: :thumb94840412: Heaven by hougaard :thumb94613435: A wish by vi-ol-et To feel .... by Galadiera Water dragon by Ironshod Provokative by Cl3tuS A Fantasy by DusterAmaranth black cherry by blkcat13 :thumb94660534: Memento Mori by Eireen :thumb94463095: The Muses by Tammara Head in the clouds by Wings-of-dust

I put a request in my journal for artists and stock providers to link me to what they feel is their best deviation.  In return I am featuring those that responded below.

Fern 1 by Sammykaye1sStamps Jane by thienbao Moonlit night by Pygar Haruno Sakura by Aundar Broken by mythicaldamienne Maiko by Kumiko-McKee Sakura by Gild-a-Lily Fallen Star by Ailinon Drowning by Pretty-Angel Obsession by LadyAmdis :thumb93546966: Voodoo Dreams by Poetrymann Goudy Bookletter 1911 by chemoelectric Good Golly Miss Molly... by tndrhrtd37 My Little Chibi 2 by Kumiko-Art Cyrstal Blue Winter Wonderland by WDWParksGal

Mature Content

:thumb92513709: Those were the daysI remember a time when life was joyful.
Friends were plentiful,
Family was life.
Skinned knees,broken arms
were fixed and forgotten.
Dates were given "the talk"
and tears were dried over lost loves.
Graduations attended with pride swollen hearts.
Marriages planned and provided with love.
Late-night trips to soothe pain,fear
and welcome grandchildren into the world.
Holidays celebrated with much food and love.
Work was hard,but always brought a smile.
I had become content with what I had
and planned to grow old with these joys.
Then I met some men with guns,
My life has never been the same.
All the things I looked to with joy,
Matter not to me.
My friends stopped calling,
My family stopped caring,
I want nothing more than
to be away from those who might hurt me.
Everyone is a suspect,
and going in public is almost impossible.
I am a shell of my former self.
I miss the joys in life.
But now I am afraid to reach for them.
:thumb94251618: Keira by M-I-R-I-E-L Frozen II - reworked- by mizdestiny :thumb42284327:
© 2008 - 2020 Cinnamoncandy
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Thank you for the feature :cuddle: I really appreciate your support :glomp:
randomstarlight's avatar
thank you so much! :heart: it's an honour to be among such amazing artists! :hug:
edera-ladygoth's avatar
thank you very much sweetie!! :glomp:
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Thank you soooooo much for include my work among those wonderful works!!!!! :glomp:
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These are all absolutely beautiful works. Very nice job everyone =)
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Thank you so much again :hug:
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thank you so much dear!

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:love: your sélection and thank for my picture in thère !
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Lovely feature, so many great works :thumbsup: :)
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Thank you for the feature :love:
Gorgeus newsarticle :clap:
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Wonderful selection you have made and thank you for including one of mine! :heart:
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Thank you very much for the feature! :iconfurryhuggleplz:

I am honored to be included with such talented artists.
Yay! :iconfurrydanceplz:
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:wow: lovely features candi :love:
and thanx for the feature =) :glomp::cuddle:
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Wow! I didn't think you'd do it,but you did and I think you did a wonderful job!! thank you for giving me my own little spot and some exposure!!!
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I always do what I say that I'm going to do. ;) You're very welcome. It was my pleasure to do it. :D
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Thank you so much! Lovely selections! beautiful artists! :wave::hug: You are wonderful !:)
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They're all very nice, but I do think that there could have been a larger selection in different mediums. Though I do understand it's all in personal taste, I'm very picky myself.
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Thank you for your comment.

Digital art is usually always my main focus when I do my features and that is because that is my medium of choice when I create.

As I browse through dA I see other pieces in different mediums that I want to feature. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to sift through each of the categories on dA. I do try to include as many different mediums as I can when time allows it. However, I do know that no matter what I feature I'm never going to please everyone and all it is really is a matter of personal taste.

Once again, I thank you for the comment. I appreciate you letting me know your thoughts. :)
MirokuPlushie's avatar
I understand, especially about time. And even if you had all the time in the world I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't please everyone. I mostly lean towards Traditional Art but I try to stay open to everything ^^"
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