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Sev - meteorologist - symbiotic host by Cinnabonyx Sev - meteorologist - symbiotic host :iconcinnabonyx:Cinnabonyx 3 2 Tandem DUmp by Cinnabonyx Tandem DUmp :iconcinnabonyx:Cinnabonyx 3 2 Flight by Cinnabonyx Flight :iconcinnabonyx:Cinnabonyx 2 0 Cinnabonyx human shape by Cinnabonyx Cinnabonyx human shape :iconcinnabonyx:Cinnabonyx 4 0 Cinna And Chirp by Cinnabonyx Cinna And Chirp :iconcinnabonyx:Cinnabonyx 1 0 You're in Dragons' lands now by Cinnabonyx You're in Dragons' lands now :iconcinnabonyx:Cinnabonyx 3 0


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Sev - meteorologist - symbiotic host
Another character from my tandem story. I’m surprised I ended up drawing and coloring her before Kodo! This only very rough though, I apologize for the messiness. I had a bad bout with depression yesterday and I was more concerned with pushing through it to complete something than making sure the result was pretty.

Sev is a meteorologist specializing in foreign planet weather. She is trained in the arts of predicting the unusual and unique and unfamiliar patterns of weather in planets previously unexplored, which makes her a valuable addition to any exploration team. Her katanas are her choice for self defense, but she is a non-confrontational sort of person and only open carries to intimidate any aggression from other people. Sev is half-Japanese, pansexual, and very withdrawn.
Tandem DUmp
I'm so excited, this is the first non-Cinna OC work I'm sharing here. Tandem (working title) is a story I've been working on for quite some time.

In the future of space travel, at the first breakthrough in regards to warp travel, computers finally advanced to a point where they could handle the billions of calculations needed per second to perform a successful jump. However, even very advanced AI was not capable of doing this and also accounting for the unexpected at the same time. So technology incorporated the most powerful computer of all time to work in tandem with a ship's computer - the human brain.

As ships got larger and larger and more complex, they reached a point where simple computers could no longer handle jumping even with human copilots. Thus complex AI-androids were introduced to the equation. Initially the AI was built into the ships themselves, but after some shocking tragedies where, designed with a human-based consciousness in order to perform tandem with a human brain, these original ships went "insane" as their tandem sessions left them tormented with the sensation of phantom limbs, false pain, and eventually, depression. Some of these ships committed suicide, while full of passengers.

Since then, it was deemed safest to have a "detachable" android copilot. Designing them in human forms helped their human copilots to better bond with them emotionally, which meant more successful tandems and stronger flights. However, the solar system was also entering its second stage of android development, which is when androids began to demand equal rights. Paranoid at the thought of human-identical androids becoming predators in their midst, the design of androids everywhere changed to show "impossible" traits, from skin to hair to eye color, to multiple arms (if functional) and otherwise identifiable inhuman traits.

All this delightful history leads to RNN-1, an exceptionally advanced android for his time that was custom built for his ship, and his ship for him. Designed to race the rings of Saturn, RNN-1 had little to no thought towards independence, until his human pilot and their team went bankrupt and sold him off as though he was nothing. Enraged by this treatment, RNN-1 exploited a loophole in the ship's programming that prevented androids from piloting by themselves - one single emergency jump for use in case the human pilot was incapacitated.

Having thrown himself out into deep space, far from humans, which was exactly what he wanted, RNN-1 entered deep sleep until he would wake and decide his next move.

It was during this time that an asteroid mining-and-scavenge team picked up his ship. One of the younger, more naive team members happened to sit in the pilot chair out of curiosity, and found herself stolen by a renegade android and a ship with an asshole personality.
A study in Cinna’s ventral wings. Believe it or not it actually took me a long time to settle on this design for them, and I’m still not sure I’m happy with it 8/ I absolutely love everything else about her though! Especially that chomky tail <3
Cinnabonyx human shape
I’m non-binary, so while I don’t identify with any particular gender, my dragonsona likes playing around with different forms, and when they’re human-shaped they prefer a male form. They will accept either gender pronouns at any time as it’s not something that matters to/bothers them(and the same goes for me)
Cinna And Chirp
My dragonsona and her little companion, a gusty named Chirp! Gusties are like little wind spirits. They normally migrate continuously, but since Cinna travels herself, Chirp altered her migratory patterns to spend time with her dragon friend.


No journal entries yet.


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