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I hope everyone is having a good time!
Someone gifted me with a core membership over the holidays anonymously and I want to thank them for their incredible kindness. 
I'll be sharing a personal project that I've been developing on the side real soon. It will contain all of the things I love and I can't wait to show everyone. Here's a sneak peak at the cover:

Dark Nebula by cinemamind
Hey everyone, I'll be closing the art trades for now. I'm going to finish off the remainder of the AT requests that I've gotten, but I won't be accepting any new ones. I'm only accepting commissions at this point and have gotten a couple of them (including some animations) so I'll be pretty busy these next couple of weeks.

I had a total blast and I'm glad I got to acquaint myself with some very talented and enthusiastic fans of horror. Thank you guys so much! ^-^

Here are the ATs I have posted so far (with additional ones coming very soon). 

  I. M. Normal by cinemamind Mandy by cinemamind Khezu by cinemamind Jinx by cinemamind
Caries by cinemamind Ellis by cinemamind Cotton by cinemamind Delilah by cinemamind
The Bogeyman by cinemamind Jane by cinemamind Circus Man by cinemamind Nightcrawler by cinemamind
DeMonica McKnight by cinemamind Aneh by cinemamind The Hannibal by cinemamind Ashley the Infected by cinemamind