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DC Super Hero Girls: Amazon Outmatched by KimberCo DC Super Hero Girls: Amazon Outmatched :iconkimberco:KimberCo 244 24 Soft Feet by GreekMythTickle Soft Feet :icongreekmythtickle:GreekMythTickle 71 1 Cover for Erotic Fetish Stories by mileshendon
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Cover for Erotic Fetish Stories :iconmileshendon:mileshendon 30 5
Trixie the sleuth 11 by JayDeeGee Trixie the sleuth 11 :iconjaydeegee:JayDeeGee 21 4 A Birthday special gift by WWEWomensBondage A Birthday special gift :iconwwewomensbondage:WWEWomensBondage 44 2 Winter Cabin - Part III 05 by perilsofdawn Winter Cabin - Part III 05 :iconperilsofdawn:perilsofdawn 52 8 Winter Cabin - Part III 04 by perilsofdawn Winter Cabin - Part III 04 :iconperilsofdawn:perilsofdawn 64 23 Becky Lynch 2 by fakefakefaker1
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Becky Lynch 2 :iconfakefakefaker1:fakefakefaker1 19 3
Team Arrow tickling torture by Tickle-Sadist Team Arrow tickling torture :icontickle-sadist:Tickle-Sadist 138 3 Jennifer Lawrence gagged by MonManips
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Jennifer Lawrence gagged :iconmonmanips:MonManips 80 5
How was that for you, sis? by AmethystPendant
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How was that for you, sis? :iconamethystpendant:AmethystPendant 38 10
crossdress by Fatal-cookies
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crossdress :iconfatal-cookies:Fatal-cookies 26 10
Meghan Trainor Cover 1 by fakefakefaker1
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Meghan Trainor Cover 1 :iconfakefakefaker1:fakefakefaker1 28 6
Trunk Tied Claire Refield by Broseidon-Of-The-Sea
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Trunk Tied Claire Refield :iconbroseidon-of-the-sea:Broseidon-Of-The-Sea 339 8
Liz and Ann by mileshendon
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Liz and Ann :iconmileshendon:mileshendon 297 12
Obey to the Darkness! by Natsuko-Hiragi
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Obey to the Darkness! :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 887 99

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Get ready for the rundown of everything that is happening and coming up here on DA and over at my new page!  


I've had a lot of folks asking when things are going to be reposted or posted for the first time at the new homepage.  After the whole mess at the start of the year, I've been slow to get a lot of the material back on, but I am going to do my best to correct this soon.  This weekend, all Miss Joker stories featuring jokerismyname 's  characters will be re-released on BDSMlr, along with links to all the full size image folders.  With that said, here's a look at what's coming up:

 Several individual manips and Miss Joker: The Big Score and Miss Joker: Lost In the Game (Images below are previews only).
Miss Joker Special Canon Edition By Mach9anime-dbc by Cinemach Miss Joker 2 Special Canon Edition By Mach9anime-d by Cinemach

A little exclusive for BDSMlr that will utilize some of the responses I got from you guys concerning some more LOVELY wrestling ladies  :D
New Wrestling by Cinemach

Lots of folks have loved the final chapter of Cross Promotion Peril.  So just like I have with other stories, I'm compiling it all together:
Cover Art Test by Cinemach
Not only will this one have the usual outtake images, but also behind the scenes on the development of the story and look ahead, new exclusive commission works by some of DA's top artists, a special photomanipulation pictorial entitled, "Shoeplay Diaries: Renee Young," and MUCH MUCH more! 

After a little delay, I will be posting the first part of the Riverdale story:
Riverdale - The Mission House Mystery Promo by Cinemach

....and that is JUST the beginning!  :)


Even though I am not as active myself on DA, behind the scenes, I am still visiting folks and sharing the great work the bondage community is doing here:

:iconjedi120:  My good friend Jedi120 shared a follow up to the picture that inspired me to write "The Tentacular Terror."   Poor Carey couldn't run fast enough to escape the tentacles, who has quickly dispatched of her shoes and socks....that's my kind of vine!  :D
<da:thumb id="7107259609100875"/>

:iconjaydeegee:  A BIG congrats to our friend JayDeeGee on hitting 1,000 watchers for his fantastic storytelling and 3D art featuring Riley and all her friends....although at the moment, Riley isn't quiet herself....and I'm loving her!  :evillaugh:
Redemption 17 by JayDeeGee Redemption 20 by JayDeeGee Redemption 21 by JayDeeGee

:iconnatsuko-hiragi:  I had the privilege to move our poor damsel, Kitty, into the woods, and she wasn't happy about it in the least!  ;) (Wink)  Thanks again, Jester and Kitty for letting me share in the fun!  You guys rock!   

Mature Content

Haruka deep in the woods 1 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Mature Content

Haruka deep in the woods 2 by Natsuko-Hiragi

Mature Content

Haruka deep in the woods 3 by Natsuko-Hiragi

:iconfakefakefaker1:  I absolutely love faking damsels....and lately several of us have tried GIF manips!  They aren't easy for sure!  But FakeFakeFaker1 hits it out of the park here:
Taylor Swift Gagged 1 by fakefakefaker1
...and that is just a small clip of the real deal!  And it is as close to perfect as I've seen on GIF manips!

:iconthe-real-millstone:  It's no secret that I LOVE Peyton R List.  She's absolutely adorable and I see a great future for her as a snooping reporter or as a scream queen.  Well, Millstone shows us his take on her as a snoop in a heap of peril!

Mature Content

Peyton List - 3 Minutes by the-real-millstone
That is solid inspiration to the writer in me for sure!  Solid work as always!

:iconskyripe: and :iconshamrockmanipulation:  Shamrock shared Chapter 1 of a story he collabed with Skyripe on that features the lovely D. VA from Overwatch, and she ends up in a rather compromising situation!  

Mature Content

Hotline Shibari - Chapter 1: The Partner by Skyripe
Solid throughout, and has great images and action throughout.  HIGHLY recommend!

:iconlycanthropash:  This is a story I have to share, not because it's art related, rather it's ARTIST related!  Lycanthropash is battling cancer of the spine and brain, leaving her in pain every day.  She needed a chair that was going to cost right at 3000 pounds British.  By herself, she said she wouldn't have the funds....but then HomunculusLover and many others in the BDSM and Fetish community came in and did the amazing!  THEY RAISED EVERY....SINGLE....PENNY she needed!  :wow:  This is why I love our community and am so supportive of it!  We are more than just fans, artists, and such!  We are a family!  And when one of our own is hurting, we ALL HURT.  Lycanthropash posted this a few days ago, and she is still pretty overwhelmed...I think we all are.  But it is so good to share positive news like this:
Again, blown away! Thank you!!What can I say, the words are getting old but hell! Thank you!! Thank all so much for your kindness!!
Sorry for my lateness but I'm swamped in well wishers since the flood gates opened. Totally not a bad thing though! XD I've also caught some sort of cold and needs to avoid it developing into a chest infection, I'n coughing up a lung every 5 minutes but sod it, I'll survive, I'm beside myself! Thank you!!
*Ahem* >_> ...Once the money comes in from GoFundMe, I'll order the chair and pop a photo of it up when it's built and sent in. The main thing is I couldn't have done this without Kate spreading the word, all you guys sharing and each donation that came in. I'm hoping that once things settle down I can start drawing filth again and start repaying the community in some way. I have be starting some work late at night when its quiet and have my curtains drawn over, I can draw the fetish stuff without people finding out the dirty little secret I have ^^; Kate also gave me a list of


It's not just me anymore!  There are literally HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of bondage enthusiasts on BDSMlr, live chatting (not just notes back and forth), image AND video support (DA don't have that)....and you are free to join!  Whether you come to see tame sites like mine, or are into some serious leather and lace, this is the place for you!  Here are just some of the people you'll see over there:

:iconvfakes:  :iconfakefakefaker1:  :iconshamrockmanipulation:  :iconprofoundlyentangled: :iconmonmanips: :icondrgagsinfirmiry: :iconthesm00thcriminal: :iconconanrock: :iconjerryclifton:  :iconjokerismyname:  :iconfreemanroad:

If you are over at BDSMlr and want to be added to this list, send me a note and I'll be glad to add you to it!   If you still haven't got a FREE account there, don't delay!  Get in there and have a look!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Famous Celebrity Peril Photomanipulator, Damsel in Distress storyteller, and VERY amateur drawer of Anime.

I'm a hobbyist, not a professional. That's not a comment on the quality of my work. It just means I make art because I love doing it, not because I'm paid. I don't normally take commissions or requests. I do like to listen to people's ideas. If one of those ideas kindles something in me, it might lead to a published picture, but only because it's something I want to make.

NOTE: This site contains images and verse that could be offensive to some. Please remember this before reading stories or viewing any images on this site. Subjects portrayed are 18+.

This artist/author does not condone any realistic depictions of any of these acts, whatsoever. All works are fiction and should be treated as such. The only time acting out on such activities is deemed appropriate is when it is imitation only in the form of role play with an open and consensual partner honestly and without any coercion whatsoever. Once again, this author does not condone any real life violence against women, or anyone else for that matter. There is a difference between fantasy and reality. If you are having difficulty telling the difference, it is the artist/author's request that you leave the page and seek professional help and assistance.

If you do not like what you see, PLEASE SIMPLY LEAVE. If you comment in a manner that is rude, ideologically motivated, overtly over-sexual, fetish shaming, or trolling, the comment will be removed and you will be blocked for your protection from any unauthorized or offensive viewing in the future.

The Author/Artist also does not currently take requests for personal reasons. Please understand this is not to cause problems, rather the artist has undergone recent health issues which prevent them from performing as previously.



So, do you like feet?  Shoeplay?  How about Victoria Justice?  Come check out the latest series of celebrity manips on 
Shoeplay Diaries by Cinemach
Posting a TON of the popular Arrowverse manips (Supergirl, White Canary, Jessie Quick, etc) over on  Drop by and have a look around!  :D
It took a few more minutes than I expected....
But I wanted it right for everyone!  :)
Here is the preview for Nora and Iris Bonding:
Nora and Iris Bonding PREVIEW by Cinemach
You can see the full image at my NEW PAGE!
Working on a couple of BDSMlr exclusive images that I hope to have posted in a couple of hours!  :)   Can the Flash possibly save both the love of his life and his daughter?  :O  Drop by and see in a few
Good Lord!  The Man wants you to bow to her!
Worship The Man by MonManipsMonManips has made a LOT of fantasies come to life tonight!


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