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Interior Part 2

Part2 of interior lighting
This method was used to create all of these images [link] [link] the wood texture i used can be found here [link]
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I have cinema R12 and I looked through all the GI settings, but couldn't found all the render settings. Any help? :)
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the links do not work?
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Thanks, I did a few things different like adding trim, and a green table, I up'd the lighting of the omni light to 65 and turned on soft shadows. It's a very good tutorial. thank you!!! This is what I came up with. [link]
hi, how can i watch e videotutorial, i can´t see any link. can you help me?. thanks =)
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ohhh the method used links you gave aren't working :(

(awesome tut btw)
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just tell me bout lightning,render setting, and gamma correction :)
can u please tell me about the Lighting effect you gave. as the texture and other part are not much important as i believe the main play is of the light effect.
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This the best tutorial ever....understandable and you gave us the textures.....only thing is the GI rendering settings...i couldnt get them right cause im using cinema 4d 11....the new's my work:
Hi ~Cinema4dTutorials

I did both of your tutorials and I enjoyed a lot thanks keep up great job

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I'm just curious why you split and delete etc, rather than assigning a material to the polys that make up the board? That's the way I do it, and I never have any problems.
it makes things easier to manage i feel. also when i make cars spliting and deleting makes sperate doors and panels so im in a bit of a habit of doing it. i think its more reliable than layers and UVselections when changing between 3rd party rendering apps (they may support UVselection i dont know)
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I don't know can't afford any of the free 3rd party rendering apps... except indigo cause it's free. Though I haven't tried it yet.

Thanks for explaining your reasoning.
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