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Print store sale -black friday

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 23, 2018, 7:31 AM
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Hello :)
I'm opening for commissions, here:

Colored sketch:

♦ Starting price of $54 one character. 
- With very simple or plain background, with some textures or brushes.
- Crazy armour or clothes designs will increase the price.
- It can be full or half body, you can choose it.

♦ Addons ♦ 
- Extra character: $45
- Natural Background: $30
(forests, oceans, etc)

- A 'Man made' Background: $40 
(Buildings, cities, Human objects around, can contain the natural background too) 

♦You will get:
- A medium-sized file for personal use (Example: A3 paper size). It can be printed in some sizes.
- A small image for you to post anywhere you want.

What I need:
- A description and references of the character. Reference images for poses and clothes are better to understand what you want and they will make the work be done faster. Be aware I don't make changes in this type of work ,since it is a quick work type, unless I make a mistake reguarding your character details and features, so be very descriptive of what you want (see the TOS for more info);
- Your paypal email, then I will send an invoice.
- Send the info to: 

More Examples:

What I need:
-Ref sheet or images of your character;
-Expression you would like them to have.
- Your paypal email, then I will send an invoice.
- send the info to: 
You will get:
- A 1000px image;
- A small image for you to post anywhere you want.

More options available: Commissions List
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I have a Youtube channel now. ^^…
I've recorded some videos of my paintings, yayyyy..

but I dont have a youtube ID yet because it needs to have, at least, 100 subiscribers on it.. u.u
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New Site

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 3, 2015, 3:43 PM


Now I have a web page!

I post a lot of studies and process there! ^^

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Pinterest and references

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 14, 2015, 5:50 AM

Hello  Girls and Guys,

I have a pinterest and a bunch of reference there:…

Pinterest is a great place to put references and inspirations, ^^

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Ebay - help

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 6, 2015, 12:33 PM

Is it safe to buy stuff on ebay from south america? I never did.

I want to buy this so badly:…
I can't find it on my country. =/
But I'm really afraid lol.

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Life is difficult

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 5, 2015, 2:57 PM

But at least we don't have a predator chasing us all the time, like other animals. :D
So let us enjoy our lives doing whatever we love.

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Open for commission [closed - thanks]

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 9:04 AM


I will open for one slot, (closed, but if you want something like a sketch or a portrait we can talk. :D)

For info, TOS, and prices go here


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What's your dream?

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 21, 2015, 6:41 PM


My ultimate dream is to become a creature designer, and yours? Think on it, what do you want to do that makes you happy and proud of yourself? Let's practice and study and we will be able to reach it! 

I didn't achieve my dream yet, but is something I want so badly. When I think in creature design or in animal anatomy, it immediately makes my heart to beat faster. *-*

1 by CindyWorks

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Some people

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 17, 2015, 7:41 AM

I love art a lot, more and more..Studying it everyday, and I love it!

But there are some people that LOVE to make you down, everytime trying to down you, saying such stupid things. And there are other people that are always down, saying that art is hard, I can't do this and that and instead of trying to study or do something, they are sad, seeing facebook.
Art is hard, I had a lot of times being down because of that, but what I am able to see now is that being such person will not let you progress in anything, forget facebook, forget saying for your friends how you don't have that skill you want, or your gallery is not a success you want, instead, study! Skills are cumulative, if you do something today it will be great for your future.

I used to be down, but not anymore.

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Open for commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 5:34 PM


For info, TOS, and prices go here


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lol, sometimes I pass through some depression in art..Because I'm studying, yes, I study art everyday, and always there is some feeling on me saying that I'm not improving at all, I can't help myself, I feel lost, I don't know what to do, or what to study to improve myself..
Does it occur with you too?
I feel so sad, I try to cheer me up studying more, believing, but sometimes it's hard..
If you have suggestions, or want to make a critique I will able to see where I can improve and so on..

Thank you, sorry for that
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I'm not so active in DA anymore.
But I have another sites I'm on:



Thanks ^^
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I have a new art blog now:

There I post my illustrations, sketches and studies
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My Society6 account:
Thank you ^-^

Omg, the last Tag I did I was.. maybe 18 years old? omg..i'm 22 now, but I'm very interested is doing this one s2
Tagged by Yueishi


1-Do you like to eat cold pizza?

Yes, I do love to eat cold pizza in breakfast :P

2-Hot or cold?


3-If you could have a magical creature, what would it be?

a dragon =)

4-Earth pony, unicorn, or pegasus?

Pegasus, they have big wings, so I can fly with them :3

5-What you expect most in dA? (messages, friends, popularity, recognition, talk with people, insipiration, etc)

friends and inspiration

6-Do you like to watch kids animations and movies? (considering the ones you think are good, of course) If yes, are you concerned what others might think about you?

Yes, I do love to watch cartoons and such movies, I'm really into Adventure Time, Regular Show and The Incredible World of Gumball Now XD

But I like the old cartoon cartoons too, like Dexter's Lab

I've watched many cartoons movies as well, even in cinemas auauaauhsaus

7-Do you plan/wish to work with art?

Yeah, I'm already working with art^^ 

8-Do you notice your own art-style? Can you describe it?

Humm..This is a little bit hard to describe, I know I have a style..but I don't know how to describe it..

9-Do your emotions influence on your drawings?

In the personal drawings yes

10-Have you seen an Space Alien (atari game) drawing somewhere in your city or while travelling? (google it in case you don't know what I mean)

No xD

E-mail me or just send me a Deviantart Note if you are interested

- I do make card art.
- I can do illustrations and characters for minigames, as:

Price List

-- Dragon Busts (Special offer): $ 80

     Darjeet by CindyWorks Leasoncre by CindyWorks Lothaekor Commission by CindyWorks
Firedrake Nemmy by CindyWorksEmrys by CindyWorks Powerful Fire by CindyWorks Tyger by CindyWorks

-- Sketch:
$ 15

  Amarian - Study by CindyWorks Manticora by CindyWorks

-- Flat Colored Sketch: $ 45
One character, with a very simple background.
(+ $ 10 extra character)
(+ $ 20 Medium level background, a more detailed background)
(+ $ 30 Complex Background, a very detailed background)

The Fairy and the wolf by CindyWorks

-- + Lineart: $ 20 

-- Simple Shaded coloring: $50
One character, with a simple background.
(+ $ 10 extra character)
(+ $ 20 Medium level background, a more detailed background)
(+ $ 30 Complex Background, a very detailed background)
(+ Lineart: $ 20 )

Livro by CindyWorksChar by CindyWorksBardo by CindyWorks

--Detailed coloring: $ 150 
simple and medium level Background + one  Character 

( + $30 additional humanoid character)
( + $20 additional not humanoid character)
( + $50 Complex Background, like very complex cities and interiors)

Simple and medium backgrounds, one or two character:
Don't you dare steal the treasure of the Dragon by CindyWorksThe Legend of Amarian by CindyWorksWings of Light by CindyWorks

--One Detailed Character: $75
(without background)

Criatura 4 by CindyWorks

-- One simple character with detailed coloring: $ 50
0f8ce6aa1fbb82a4e31e5163ae6704c4 by CindyWorksCirculos Personmenor by CindyWorks

-- Simple animated flash, swf(without music): $100

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea2 by CindyWorks

*If you want to see some steps you have all the rights. Like sketch, coloring process, etc.
(I will send the steps with my own logotype and I won't send the original size of the illustration before the payment [in progress])
*Please, give me all detailed information about what you want me to draw.
*I do not draw for free.
*You can cancel the commission before I start to paint.
* If you cancel the work while i'm painting, you will pay me 30% of the total value of the commission, so, be sure that the initial sketch represents what you want.

Fell free to ask me anything


You can pay me through Paypal

Thank you

-Eu recebo pagamento por depósito bancário.
-Pagamento em Reais.
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Behance Account

Journal Entry: Fri May 24, 2013, 7:55 AM

Hello people, I want to share you my Behance, because I post some content there that I don't do here..

Thank you ^-^


Journal Entry: Wed May 15, 2013, 11:17 AM

So much work to do, I think my heart will explode


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 3, 2013, 4:44 AM

Hello people, how are you going?

gee, I feel very sorry if I'm not replying some comments or visiting your gallery..
It is my last year in university and I'm spending my time doing my final project to graduate in a good way ehhe(I don't know the term in english..), and in my internship there are a lot of projects that i'm participating, I really don't have much time left.. =/

For the final project, I'm doing a bestiary for the game that my boyfriend and I are developing, he is a programmer, a very talented one ^^ 

and, oh, feel free to correct my english, please, I really need to improve my english =s