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Yes I need your help! 

Now I have got into a bad situation . I need to get help to find out which stock artists as allows commersiell  use of their children stock images?

This is my story
In autumn last year I was contacted by a woman. She had found my kids artwork and asked if she could use some of them in her book that she was writing.

Most of the artwork she was interested in were arts where I´d used Depositphotos child images. And some images were pictures where I used stock images here from Deviantart .

I sent notes to the concerned stock artists here on Deviantart for permission. Some I never got the answer from . But those who responded gave me permission. 

This was last autumn and said she needed the artwork in November last year. But then she changed her mind and sad that she did not needed them until spring of this year. I thought there would be no deal and thought it was boring because I worked hard to question all stock artists for permission for every little detail in every picture .

But I'm pretty used to people ordering pictures and then just disappear so I put it all behind me.

But today she wrote to me again and asked if the pictures were clear. If I have permission from the photographers and stock owners. I was quite surprised that she got in touch. 

But worst of all is that Depositphotos has changed the rules so I will not be able to use the artwork I have done with their baby pictures. 
If I'm going to use them so I have to pay another $ 77 for each photo to Depositphotos. And it would be a pretty bad deal for me because I asked for $ 35. 

So that´s why, I wonder if there is stock artists here that allow commercial use of their children stock images. The pictures will end up in a children's book. 

I know some photographers so I will also ask the question on Facebook, but I ask here first.

I have asked her in a mail when she need the artwork, when its deadline, but I have not got any answer yet. Maby its too late, I dont know. But I want to check here first if there is any possibility. 

So please let me know if you know :rose:

Thank you so much for your time. :heart:


As usual, I am very bad at uploading features. I have favvat so many wonderful, beautiful, crazy, cool and amazing artwork, but I can not give everyone a feature. My journal is not sufficient. If I had been more diligent with uploading features it had not been any problems, so I have to blame myself.

Anyway, here is a small collection of all the wonderful artwork I favvat. 



  I love this song so much. I play it often when I am working.


 My FineArt AmericaPrints


   My Unrestricted Stocks


All my stocks are unrestricted, including my hair stocks.

If you use my stock in your artwork you are allow to sell prints - and do commissions in and outside of DA. You dont need to ask first.
When you upload outside Deviantart you dont have to credit. It will save up place to other credits. Sometime the list can be long.
Just dont let me find my stocks uploaded on other stock places, my stocks will stay on Deviantart. thats all I ask.
And the most important
Have fun!

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Thank you so much for the feature :glomp: