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Dragonborn Base

I hope you like! And have fun creating. ^^

Here's the link to Purchase:
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Awesome work! Love everything about this concept sheet!

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Just finally purchased after i had been eyeing this for a long time!!

THanks so much!

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That is way better than the D&D art for it. They would have a fish look to it which didn't work.

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derguns be too irresistable

Hello, Cindy , i was gonna ask you if you can do a favour for me, if you have paypal i can pay direct the base to you? i live on a country that you can get a credit card easy [Venezuela] and i wondering if you can pass me your paypal to transfer you directly the money and then AFTER You received the money pass to me the base? please.

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That is a swole dragonborn. Massive pecs and forearms.

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This is fantastic!
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Awesome work!
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That is awesome. :)

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That's amazing, I love all the details!
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Fantastic dragonborn! I hope at some point you will consider to do an eastern/oriental themed dragonborn, as I think that could be a really cool alternative take both in aesthetic and physique!
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