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Published: May 10, 2008
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Here's a mini comic I did for :iconyvonnen:'s 21st Birthday. It took me 2 days, hehe!

I just had fun with it, which explains why it's not perfect ;) I didn't try to get it to be, if I did I'd have given up on it :x
(I also drew it quite a while ago, which also explains it xD)

Little Chi sets out on a quest to bring her Aunty Von a special gift! But Medea is being Big Bad Wolf about it.
(This is before my story takes place, so she doesn't have her funky pink streak/eyes or prophacy necklace, yet)

Check out my awesome rhyming skillz!

The cake is an inside joke D:
Basically for one of my Birthdays... I think maybe my 17th or 18th, Yvonne sent me a letter with pictures of her characters, and her character Moon had made me a cake out of mud =D
So Chi is returning the favour!

Happy Birthday Vonnyboo :heart:

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wolfygilr2's avatar
Wow... Nice comic! ^^ I love it!
vampireyuuki's avatar
'get back here or i'll eat your face.' cute.
JoninFang's avatar
it would be awsome if u made more comics like this ^^
IkiViki's avatar
LOL Didn't expect that!
Deanwolf's avatar
Ow, looks like Skailla and the OMFA got competition from New Zealand. Nice drawing though.
Animist's avatar
LOL this was so cute
but where\'s the bite the black wolf took? :)
Mastermond's avatar
How you draw so good?
DPluva's avatar
DPluvaHobbyist General Artist
"pigs make good bacon."

I swear, that made me laugh.
Romancing-the-Broken's avatar
That's what that bad wolf gets!
Rokubijinchuuriki's avatar
RokubijinchuurikiHobbyist Digital Artist
Awww thats so sweeeeet
amasakireyoko's avatar
amasakireyokoHobbyist General Artist
Hahahahahahahahaha! *dies laughing*
I really love that last expression Medea has...!
nottotallyhere's avatar
you've no idea how i laughed when i read "and pigs make great bacon" XDD Epic! and its true, too :giggle:

...forsaken rhymes with taken :shrug:
cindre's avatar
cindreHobbyist General Artist
But how would I use it in the rhyme o:
You see :nod: rhyming is hard, yus xD
nottotallyhere's avatar
XD yeah, rhyming is hard....maybe "quick as a flash, Chi's case was taken/ away the wolf ran, leaving Chi forsaken"? XD i've no idea...
cindre's avatar
cindreHobbyist General Artist
Don't outd o my awesome rhyming skillz DDD8
it's not aloowwwweed xD
dragon-ryuu's avatar
Hehehe, that's funny! :lmao:

Wolfies looks soo cute! =3 Especially Chi on the second frame and Madea in the end xD
jtlim's avatar
They're cute wolfies =P
AnimationFan's avatar
AnimationFanHobbyist General Artist
''..And pigs make great bacon.'' :rofl:
peta-phantom's avatar

I Love It!!!... xDDD

Exelent Joke xDDD x3 (I have to do that with someone of my friends x3)

AWESOME JOB!!!!!!! ^O^ x3
niips's avatar
oooh god Medea's being a meanie!
maddytheskymin's avatar
maddytheskyminStudent Filmographer
C= Pigs do make great bacon, nomnomnom.
cindre's avatar
cindreHobbyist General Artist
yawsh, 8D
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