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Refreshing my commissions page because the other is so far deep into my journal. Pony commissions are open, and now is a good time to get a slot in before Christmas! Interested in something non pony? Ask me and I'll see what I can do. :)

:star: PONIES READY FOR SALE! :star:
ALL prices are in CANADIAN funds and do not include shipping, please see below for that. The US approximate price is in brackets, but will vary depending on exchange rate. Please use a site like to see what the current exchange rate is. I hope this helps. :) Note me if interested!

$150 CAN Each
Rarity Plush by CindersDesigns Pinkie Pie Plush by CindersDesigns Applejack Plush by CindersDesigns Twilight Sparkle Unicorn - For Sale by CindersDesigns

Please NOTE ME with what you would like and your location for a total cost quote. Thank you! :)


:star::star::star: SHOW PONIES :star::star::star:
(Height does not count the mane)
Fillies (10 inches) : $150 (Approx $136US)
Stallion & Mares (12 inches) : $180 (Approx $163US)
Complex Ponies: +$30 to the above prices
(example: Rainbow Dash, Princess Twilight, Trixie, pretty much any pony with a bunch of striping/colors in the mane)
Accessories: +$10 per simple item, +$15 per complex item
(example: Neckties like Coco's, Octavias and the Doctors would be $10 each, but hat's like Coco's, AJ's, and Redhearts would be $15 each)
Nurse Redheart by CindersDesigns Scootaloo 2 by CindersDesigns Sweetie Belle by CindersDesigns Princess Twlight Sparkle by CindersDesigns Coco Pommel by CindersDesigns New Pinkie Pie by CindersDesigns Trixie by CindersDesigns Octavia by CindersDesigns Have you seen Sweetie Belle by CindersDesigns Noteworthy by CindersDesigns
Rarity Plush by CindersDesigns Pinkie Pie Plush by CindersDesigns Silver Shill by CindersDesigns Applejack Plush by CindersDesigns Twilight Sparkle Unicorn - For Sale by CindersDesigns

:star::star::star: OC PONIES :star::star::star:
OC's start at $200 due to their difficulty and the fact I have to make unique patterns and especially embroidery files I cannot reuse. When asking for an OC, I require reference pictures, the more the better.  I will not work from a description. There are plenty of OC creators you can use out there to give me an idea! :) As for the cuties marks, I need a clear reference of the mark itself. You will also get the .PES embroidery file of your cutie mark at the end, for you to do whatever you wish with it! (like using it for future plushies or whatever you want)
Doctor Whooves for chococari by CindersDesigns Aachi Filly by CindersDesigns Master Spectre Plush by CindersDesigns Tropic Starlight Plush by CindersDesigns Tox plush by CindersDesigns Autumn Leaves by CindersDesigns Camofire by CindersDesigns

:star: PRINCESS PONIES :star:
I cannot do them at this time, the only exception being Twilight Sparkle as she's a basic pony body. I suppose if you wanted a princess with a normal body, we could talk...

:star: Shipping: :star:
All ponies are shipped with Tracking Numbers in a box!
- Canada - $25.00
- United States - $30.00
- Everywhere Else - $50.00

:star: Payment: :star:
- I will do payments half at the start and half at the finish, but I will ask for an additional $5 to cover paypal fees.
- Paying all at the start is preferred, that way I can get your pony in the mail as soon as possible! :)
- Please pay in CANADIAN funds. (this means ponies are actually a bit cheaper for you American folk!)
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