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Born, raised, and currently living just north of Pittsburgh, PA, Ben Yockel’s work is influenced by 19th century realism and inspired by his fellow contemporaries in the movie and video game industries (ie. Concept Art). Entering the public art market in 2012 Yockel is primarily self taught, finding most of his growth while attending college for Theology and Philosophy. With the use of bright vibrant colors, contrasting values, and adventurous imagery, Yockel finds that each piece should tell a unique story allowing the viewer to be transported to a new world. He believes that everyone will see something different in a piece of art, and feels his work is not different in this respect. However, creating work that inspires others is the challenge he sees in making something new. He also takes great pride in teaching art to aspiring artists via. Youtube.

Yockel is a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists Guild, the Red Fish Bowl (A collection of Pittsburgh area artists), and his work can be seen around the city of Pittsburgh as well as online.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Bob Ross, Justin Vining, Fredrick E. Church, Claude Lorain, Jackson Pollak, Lawrence Yang, Lora Zombie
Favourite TV Shows
Stargate SG-1, Warehouse 13, White Collar, Castle
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Piano Guys, Blue Man Group, Zircon,
Favourite Writers
Bishop Robert Barron
Favourite Games
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Chrono Trigger, Okami, Journey, Ori: And the Blind Forest
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Brushes, Acrylic Paint, Pencils, Uni-Ball Pens, Sketch Pad, Erasers, Chalk Pastels...Whatever!
Other Interests
Guitar, Electronic Music, Writing, Cooking, Cocktails

Art of the Game

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So I have recently hit an interesting point in my life in which I can see through the marketing façade of mainstream gaming. Now to be fair, I never have been a fan of the “mainstream” games that rocket into popularity thanks to their realistic graphics and immersive “whatevers.” No, for me games have always been about the adventure, story, and experience of playing…which up until very recently I didn’t realize was unusual. For a moment I want to take you back. Back to a time before internet culture, before online video was king, and before most home phones weren’t wireless (or just someone’s cell). The year was 1995 (or maybe ’94). I was but a small impressionable child, but I saw a video game for the first time; Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo. Little did I know that experience would shape my concept of gaming for the rest of my life. Form that day at a cousin’s house; I knew that I wanted to play. Not just because it was a flashy image on a TV, but because I was drawn into
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The Rise Painting Parties and the Dangers of DIY

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So what does this have to do with painting parties? To put it simply when the visual arts are pushed into the DIY world, everyone suffers. If people reach a point where they decorate their homes with their own attempts at fine art, while at the same time moving forward with the mentality of “I can just make my own, I don’t need to buy something,” then the visual fine artist will go extinct. To limit the arts to simply something that can be done on a Friday evening for a couple hours, is to cause serious harm to the global art community and our culture as a whole. The dumbing down of painting in this case into the “party” mentality can potentially rob our society of the culture of great art; and in its place build an anarchy of DIY “arts and crafts.” In recent years the art community has seen a rise in what you might call a “painting party.” For many small business groups, it’s the concept of a single night’s painting class in which a group of adults all paint a simple design while
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Looks like I finally got access to the new "Eclipse" version of dA. I for one love the new design!
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Your art has such nostalgic look and vibe to it, I'm not sure how. I really like how fantastical it all is, and yet there's like a hint of "truth" to them that makes them believable.

Thanks! I love making worlds that are very fantastical, but still try to keep them in the realm of "relative" possibility.

Lots of cool works in here!

Have read your comment on Xrisoka's feedback. I'm already wondering where your moral right comes from. And where do you think to judge the people, which you do not know in the end. Maybe you should look at yourself in the Spigel and ask yourself the question, I can between fictitious story
or reality, or not.
I think you have to learn a lot in your life.