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Do NOT play FNAF at 3 AM. by cinarandelijah, literature

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Do NOT play FNAF at 3 AM. by cinarandelijah, literature

Do NOT play FNAF at 3 AM.

wso it was this one night and i didnt ahve much to play cuz i was bored of roblox and minecraft and youtube and racing simulator 3d and friday night funkin and pingas simulator so i had no other choice but to chec my abandoned games folder in the abandoned games folder i saw this folder called "Do not play" which i had NOT CREATED by the way, and i opened it out of cucrurosity (however u spell it) in the folder was FNAF and i was confused bcuz nothing was terribly rong with it (exept the poopy weird fandom fan stuffs) so i was confused and i had no other choice but to open it and play it in it it says new game play so i clicked it and it said night 1 and i know this cuz i played fnaf alot of times and then i started to enter the night. i heard fans buszz and i got a phone callm from phon guy. ianswerd the phone and phone guy he said just like this "HELLO HELLO so uhh your going to die because the freddy robots i implanted the lemon demons corruption from friday night funkin and
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Hi! I am Cinar/Taco Dude! I try to be friendly and nice, and I love to look at some fresh, new, and cool art! I usually make weird or wonky art along with my friend NitrogenLemons. I do this cause I want to have fun and because I am bored. I also make weird/funny art to make people laugh, and make people have a good day. I might improve soon! Besides all of that, life is OK and i'm doing lots of cool things on DeviantArt! :D

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So today I'd like to quickly talk about how DA has died over the past years. So, as some of you probably know I used DA all the way back. I remember when this website was very popular and filled with users all around. People used to get TONS of recognition, and lots of fame and such. When looking at all of the "Deviations" nowadays, all I see is a couple of favorites and comments. It seems as if "Eclipse" has demolished the website as a whole! Ever since Eclipse was added, the website went downhill. The community with it, too. Heck, even I don't use it as much anymore, I just made this new account to revisit the website that once-was. I wanted to post this just to tell you guys about my thoughts on Eclipse. If you agree, comment down below and tell me your experience with Eclipse. Thanks, and have a good day/night! - Teh God
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so yeah uh marshmello - alone is pretty good and life is ok rn, pretty epic gamer life indeed. good day/night.
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Hey so this is not the first time i made a deviantart. they changed it soo much! ugh eclipse is stupid ngl
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the elijah-carvin rule is over, and the agency is free. amen, time to repay for le sins.

so yea epic gamers, im back. i was hoping that old deviantart was back but NOPE still the dead wasteland ever since took over... poop, well i posted a -SCARY- story if anyone wants to read that in my deviations or whatever cya.

The Annoying Thing/Crazy Frog is epic. Reply if you agree.

i know your watching, you know. watching my every move. now who's the creepy one?

thank you of the watch

Eclipse is like a wilderness where only artists who can tolerate change survive.

It's full on bullshit and I hate having to survive in this site like it's a god damn wasteland.

Yeah. Stinks, but I still merely logon sometimes. Lots of my favorite artists quit, too! :(