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A recent commission I did with markers.
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I love her stance, it really shows off her strength and attitude in the fight. 
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ooo man this is just 210% percent all badass!
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Woah! Awesome.
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indeed Love Love Clap Clap CURSE YOU! 
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I've got a sketch with a similar spirit.  That said with much less talent, skill, and technique... but a similar spirit! Love this piece!
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My friend this is a great pose, you really were able to convey they Sentinel head has immense weight and she is exerting herself, not just a simple "good girl" pose holding the head as if it was weightless. This is very inspiring and great to see
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my fav of the x-men!
LilithRealm's avatar
I love your Rogue!! awesome pose!!!
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Rogue's a favorite of mine, great stuff.
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So dynamic! Awesome!
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very cool markers. Love this rogue.
I'm really grateful to you for depicting ROGUE the way I see her- as a pure strength. So many people try to feminize her, make her more "womanly" whereas ROGUE has a true strength of character at the core of her being, not womanhood. <3
Ah yes, I miss good old Punch-out-giant-robots-Rogue
Not Can't-fight-her-way-out-of-wet-paper-bag-Rogue
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I love this, because you showed here her brute strenght.
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I miss this Rogue! She was a kick butt woman who was untouchable yet still wore her daisy dukes like there was no tomorrow!
Rockin' piece! Shows she's not to be messes with.
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great work!


:groups: [link]
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Looks awesome! I love how you captured her strength. :w00t:
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Too cool. Not only have you emphatically portrayed her hardcore kickarserry, but you've done a splendid job of the anatomy as well! You must be a wonderful person to commission.
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Holy damn. My mind was just blown.
I love everything about this.
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