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Okay, this one is the last one of the commission series.
I really enjoyed while I was doing this because I'm a huge fan of Kirby and Simonson's runs on the 4th World books. There was a big smile on my face when the owner wanted me to do Simonson's Orion. :)
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out of millions of pics I've seen, I think this is my absolute favorite Orion picture <3 -hangs off him- =3= :heart:

I love your arts... maybe I can learn and get re-inspired by you <3
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Great pic of Orion.
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Orion's one of my favorites... great job with this commission!
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Great job...looks amazing.
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Really cool! Does Orion justice
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jet pack style! hehe love the costume colors
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YYYEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! very cool...
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This image is a lot cleaner, in terms of your use of media. Helps give it a more "classic" feeling, for me. Great stuff!
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amanın! cillop! yatarcalar kaçıştı görünce:D
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you've done Simonson and Kirby justice....awesome job!
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this is damn hot.... but why is it the last?:(
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because I have a lot of work to do ;) stay tuned...
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lol you're the man, you can do it all! lol
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Really nice. You captured both Kirby and Simonson there.
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That's one cool Orion, or as I call him OiRon.
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Very very nice. Big fan of this. Great work sir.
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