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Justice League International

By Cinar
As Firestorm #9 will feature Justice League International, I drew this piece to warm up for the characters before I started drawing the issue. I've added the greytones in photoshop directly on pencils.

Firestorm 9. sayı öncesi Justice League International karakterleri için yaptığım ısınma çalışmam. Gri tonları daha sonra photoshopta direk kurşun kalem üzerine uyguladım.
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I was thinking of my ideal Justice League International formation and I was thinking of the following members:

The Hall of Justice International

The Hall of Justice International is a sentient citadel flying antigravity spaceship multidimensional and a member of (as well as home base and vehicle for) The Justice League International.It is 85 miles high, 60 miles long, 6 miles wide and exists outside of space and time. It is capable of traversing "The Bleed", which is the "hypertime space" between alternate universes.It can open Doors anywhere on the planet to allow The Justice League International to get where they need to be quickly.

Justice League International members :

Batman / Bruce Wayne (to order the house and take care of this bunch of kids and knockout Guy Gardner with a single punch)

Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz / John Jones

Superwoman / Lois Lane Kent (must have a member of the Clan Super to be the one who saves the day and holds the bar when all else fails and who constantly wonders, "My God! What am I doing here?" and in her husband absence Lois is perfect .No one put much faith in her when she briefly became Superwoman but it is precisely there that when everyone needs her Lois does so well that many will wonder why she needs her husband so much? )

Shazam Sky / C.C.Batson

Blue Beetle / Ted Kord

Booster Gold / Michael Jon Carter

Captain Atom / Nathaniel Christopher Adam

Green Lantern / Guy Gardner

Apache Chief / Manitou Longshadow

Black Vulcan / Morris Grant Jr.

El Dorado / Eduardo Dorado of México

Rima the Jungle Woman of Venezuela

Samurai / Toshio Eto of Japan

The Wonder Twins / Zan and Jayna ( and Gleek )

Black Canary / Dinah Lance

Huntress / Helena Bertinelli

Kid Flash / Wally West

Mister Miracle / Scott Free

Power Girl / Kara Zor-L / Karen Starr

Big Barda / Barda Free

Fire / Beatriz Bonilla da Costa from Brazil

Ice / Tora Olafsdotter from Norway

Rocket Red # 24 / Tascha Pushkin from Russia

Thor (of DC Comics) the God of Thunder Original 1st World of Jack Kirby Gods Nordic Original representative of Germany

Crimson Fox / (Unknown) of France

Godiva / Dora Leigh of England

Tasmanian Devil (Hugh Dawkins) of Australia

Doctor Fate / Khalid Nassour from Egypt

Silver Sorceress / Laura Cynthia Neilsen (I know, I know ... "She died!" But so what? Resurrect the poor Silver Sorceress hours balls! So many less relevant characters resurrected then why not resurrect poor Laura too?)

Blue Jay / Jay Abrams

Doctor Light / Kimiyo Hoshi of Japan

The New Super-Man  / Kong Kenan of China

O.M.A.C / Kevin Kho from Cambodia

Maya / Chandi Gupta of India

Vixen / Mari Jiwe McCabe superheroine, of Zambesi Africa representative in JLI

Animal Man / Buddy Baker

B'Wana Beast / Michael Payson Maxwell from South Africa

Sirocco / Khalid superhero, elementalist of Air, of Iran with the same exact powers of the Red Tornado representative of Iran at the JLI.

Fireball / Malak al-Maut / Sami Mousawi Iraqi superhero from Iraq who possesses the exact same powers as Magma of the New Mutants of Marvel Comics of control the lava and volcanic magma and tectonic movements of the inner layers of the Earth's nucleus as Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla

Archer of Arabia / Unknown (Hero Archer of Saudi Arabia former member of Green Arrows of the World)

Golem / Moyshe Nakhman Israel former member of the Israeli super-team Hayoth designated as the official superhero, Israel's representative in JLI also there are no secrets about his powers.He is an elemental shapeshifter with the exact same powers as Metamorpho.

Congorilla / William "Congo Bill" Glenmorgan the superhero representative of Gorilla-City in the Outside World.

The Olympian / Aristides Demetrios of Greece.

Tempest / Garth the superhero marine representative of Empire Submarine of Atlantis in the JLI ruled by Aquaman.

Hawkwoman  / Kendra Saunders super heroine Thanagarian former partner of Hawkman / Katar Hol .She is the winged fury of the Justice League International born warrior of Thanagar. Super heroine official representative of Thanagar in Justice League International.

Troia / Donna Troy demigoddess Titan's of New Cronus and stepsister of Wonder Woman chosen as representative of the Amazons of Themyscira in the World of Patriarchate of the JLI.

Maxima the Empress of Planet Almerac

The Ray / Lucien Gates

Black Condor / John Trujilo of Peru

General Glory II / Donovan Wallace

Agent Libert / Benjamin Lockwood

Plastic-Man / Patrick "Eel" O'Brian, superhero representing of Ireland in JLI (Yes the "great revelation" Plastic Man is Irish and no one ever found it =D ...)

Blue Lantern / G'Nort

L-Ron 2.1

Claire Montgomery ( in place of Maxwell Lord )
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nice addition of the grey over this..... nice choice
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Beautiful! Cannot believe it is a warm up, I think you have it down.
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This is so badass!:woohoo:
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Isn't Gavril/Rocket Red dead?
Graet job.
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wow. cant wait to see what u can do with the book. would u mind if i ink the pencils for this ?
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Incredible work!

:gallery: [link]
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This is really cool! :D
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Awesome! I love Ice and Guy in this piece!
Wow. Can't wait for the issue!
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Wow, that's really good.
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i like it. are the pencils for sale?
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Fantastic work!!
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Beautiful. Also, those are some very John Buscema-like females. Was he an inspiration at all?
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