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Hawkman 02

Started doing some watercolor/ mixed media stuff daily in my small moleskine.
Watercolors, inks, correction pen
21x13 cm (8x5 inches)
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Awesome Hawkman is one of the most underrated characters, he is basically a more powerful version of wolverine, maybe it's his costume design that's the problem.
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Great textures!Really expressive.
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noice!!!! looks great!!!
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I want this soo bad! I wish I could own <3 xx
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Wow. just awesome!!! beautiful work!
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i am so in love with pic you have no idea. i wish i could have it on a shirt & a poster. AMAZING <3 xx
Great art - especially the shadows across his mace
is any of your art for sale if so im very interested
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Yes. You can visit
is any of your work for sale
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Yes. You can visit
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The background and wings are especially impressive!
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the best hawkman picture
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Love the wings.
Fiery, man, really fiery!
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There's a little Kubert feel to that one!
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Thanks for the compliment, bro!
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Sincere, indeed! :)
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this one R.O.C.K.S.
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