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Digital Art
I mostly draw pokemon, and can draw those for you, but I can also try, like, furries and things (SFW only). If you want to see a character in my cartoonish art style (without the yellow scarf, That one's mine) , please consider commissioning me.

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Pokeumans: Hang Six! (Teaser)
I found myself in what felt like a dream, surfing? that doesn't sound right.
I looked down only to find that 1, the surfboard in question was oddly shaped, and 2 how close it was to my point of view.
"Did I get shorter?" I thought to myself.
I looked further and found that my hand was a small 3 fingered paw that looked like it was tanned down to my wrist and ending in a cream-white glove of sorts.
Except it wasn't a glove.
Overcome with a bit of panic, I wiped out on the surf and got back to the surface. The water was so clear, but when I tried to find the surfboard, I couldn't see it.
I looked below me to see into the water and looked at the surfboard about 5 feet down, with a brown cord attached to it? I followed the cord to find that it came to my own backside.
"Wait, WHAT?!"
I looked down once more at my feet, which were also paws, but much longer and flat on the bottom.
I willed the surfboard to come up from the water, and got on top of it. I looked at the cute little mouse starin
:iconcinaminbunlike2draw:CinaminBunLike2Draw 0 0
Its-a me, as a hooman. by CinaminBunLike2Draw Its-a me, as a hooman. :iconcinaminbunlike2draw:CinaminBunLike2Draw 4 2


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United States
Hi friends! Welcome! I’m a budding artist who’s looking to make his mark! I love cute things, pokemon, shovel knight, hollow knight, and drawing. I take requests(Pokémon related, please) and art trades anytime. Just ask and don’t be shy :). I’m always looking to make new friends, so if you want to become friends, just ask. Thanks for looking at my page!
Other than that...

Friends: :iconlenacrafter: :iconteeterglance: :iconemilythemeowth: :icontheblueriolu: :iconfirianne: :iconpikachubee: :iconcrizbn:
Peeps I respect: all artists listed above, :iconryusuta: :iconman-in-crowd-4: :iconxael-the-artist: :iconzander-the-artist: :iconpitch-black-crow: :iconflavia-elric: :iconsulfurbunny: :iconhonrupi:


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Jared The Smeargle!
A new sona that I plan to keep! Presenting Jared the smeargle! 

Age: 17 1/2
Lvl: 24
Ability: Own Tempo
Shiny?: Yes
-Likes to relax


A chipper little Cinnamon Roll, He likes to be around his friends and likes to draw cute things. He is always looking for ways to improve, and likes to go to those he looks up to for help with that. Has a very short attention span, and is rather forgetful. Acts shy until he feels comfortable and will proceed to be kinda derpy after that. Transform can be used to change certain parts of his body (tail, usually). His scarf provides instant health regeneration and boosted defenses at all times. Being young and pretty weak by himself, he'd rather play on a team. He likes warmer weather and hates colder weather.
only one day left until us mortals in the US have access to the most hyped nintendo title of this year. Who's getting Smash Ultimate?
either smeargle or togetic. This is taking way too long...
Okie-dokie! Alolan raichu! He's my favorite type combo ever ( I waited years for electric/psychic), he loves sweets, and he's just adorable. That's (hopefully) That! :D
I keep on debating for what I should pick. I said I decided, but now I'm not sure (freakin' again! Why does this keep happening?). Out of the 807 that now exist (excluding mythicals and legendaries), It should probably be easy enough to find something I like that's also relatively easy to draw. I've tried to look through memories of nostalgia, movesets, height, and I have a few that I'm fond of, like Snivy (White version) and Mime jr. (Pokemon ranger: Shadows of Almia, and owning a plush of it), and slowbro (first caught shiny), charmander (first pokemon and first playthrough of pmd sky), ampharos (many nostalgic memories of this one, and all around favorite pokemon), meowstic (Love his design and psychic typing), audino (shares many personal characteristics). I have had much trouble picking something, so with that all out of the way, From this please help me decide. Thank you.


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