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lucky luke fan art


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What is faith

What is faith? Dictionaries offer several definitions. Here is Merriam Webster online: 1a:Êallegiance to duty or a personÊ:ÊLOYALTY lostÊfaithÊin the company's president b(1):ÊfidelityÊto one's promises (2):Êsincerity of intentions acted in goodÊfaith 2a(1):Êbelief and trust in and loyalty to God (2):Êbelief in the traditionalÊdoctrinesÊof a religion b(1):Êfirm belief in something for which there is no proof clinging to theÊfaithÊthat her missing son would one day return (2):Êcomplete trust 3:Êsomething that is believed especially with strong conviction

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SixFanarts Challenge - Shiki Ryougi

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Caleort - Steps on glass (cover)

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 Snap  001xyz

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2B Portrait


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