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EN/ I'll be at Japan Expo starting in two days. Hall 5 A Stand A190 selling some of my perler work. Come by if you are around :)

FR/ Je serai présent à la Japan Expo pour vendres certains de mes pixel art. Hall 5A Stand A 190. N'hésitez pas à passer :)
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So I wanted to know if some of you beads artists, passionate drawers or just normal follower want me to open like an art trade where I actually send you one of my perler beads of a character that you like and you in return you give me something custom.

Drawing, perler beads or even crafty creation everything is fine as long as you and I find it equal. Most of the time I'll send something that is pretty worth so take my word that the trade would be okay and I feel like I can open for like three to five slots in hope I make some of you happy with that. Especially for the ones that don't have much money. Now you can just draw one character that I like, send it and I'll ship away your OC or gaming character made in my own style.

Anything is open even tough size matter here because the bigger it is the exepensive it will for shipping it away.

For the interested feel free to comment and let me know what kinda of perler beads that you want.

It's the right moment to exchange our talent and do love to get custom and crafty things for my birthdays :3

So who's in ?
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Another big project is coming. My ahri was such a succes that I cannot go back now. S.A project is on the way, hope you're hyped for it :D !
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So I have decide to do open the gates for any of you that might consider me to do commissions in perler beads.

I can do OC's so yeah that's a thing. Here is two example. Prices depends on the size and also the work put in it. Normally their prices are around 10 € each for this size.
Tushamu's Commission Part 2 by CimenordTushamu's Commission Part 1 by Cimenord

That may not be that much impressive but moemons can be a nice thing to order from me. I'm one of the few to do them. Their prices tend to be around 10 to 15 € depending of the size of the moemon. Legendary are pretty big.

Stantler Moemon Perler Beads by CimenordFlygon Moemon Perler Beads by CimenordMewtwo Moemon Perler Beads by Cimenord

Small pokemons in pokedex size are also one thing that I can do. The prices are failry low. 
Large pokemons are also possible even for international commissions. Even tough this might be a little bit pricey for the shipment here is some example of what I can do. Here also prices is pretty variant from 9 to 16 € depending on the size and the colors used. I can make almost any pokemon sprite even fakemon like this farfetch'd evolution.

N# 058 Arcanine Perler Beads by CimenordN# 658 Greninja Perler Beads by CimenordN# ??? Fake Absur'd (Farfetch'd Evolution) by Cimenord

Apart for that I've got a lot of others characters from various games and also anime. I'm gonna to put some just so you can see what I have done in the past. Those tend to be 8 to 13 € 

Dante CSW - Perler Beads by CimenordYodachu Perler Beads by CimenordYasuo Perler Beads by CimenordCSW Ryu STF Perler Beads by CimenordLyndis Card Saga Wars Perler Beads by Cimenord

Batman Perler Beads by CimenordThe Dark side's cookie by CimenordMikasa Running Perler Beads by CimenordVeigar Final Boss Perler Beads by Cimenord

I suggest that if you are interessted in purchasing or doing a special commission to at least take an eye in my etsy shop so you can make yourself a idea about the price tange. 


And with that I have to thank you if you have consider sending me a note for purchasing or ordering one of my creation. Feel free to check out my gallery. 

I don't like to do that but If I'm doing this is actually to put some spare money to attend a big convention later this year. I'll need money for transport and the hotel so any commission is more then welcome <3 

Hope to see you all around !
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Yeah yeah the well known gaming plateform Steam is doing the usual Summer sale. 
One question is: Did they want to make one also during the actual summer break ? 
Because I could remember these solds to be more around July and August not so much early June. 

Anyway my paypal is gonna to be rekt. Especially know that my etsy shop seems to be okay in terms of stock. 

I've got my eyes on some titles especially: Sniper elita 3 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel if I can get them for 25 € that would be wonderful but pityful for my upcoming beads project. 
Borderlands is pretty much my favorite fps series so yeah...
Time will may be lost in this and not so much in perler beads. 
Also Visual Novel are a huge factor for me. These animated novel with a deep mangaish orientation are so great for a guy that loves psychology, drama and stoy in general.

Yep, those rampage days of only perler beads are gone because in the end I could not take part in another conventions in the upcoming months sadly...

Story of my life, I always find something else to create excuses to not do the job (hum perler beads creations xD)

Anyway I do hope you two enjoy this Steam sales if you are a gamer too. I'm not a harcore anymore more like a casual that know a lot about gaming ^^

Feel free to comment the games you've got eyes on during this steam sold ! 
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