Birthday, art trade time !

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So I wanted to know if some of you beads artists, passionate drawers or just normal follower want me to open like an art trade where I actually send you one of my perler beads of a character that you like and you in return you give me something custom.

Drawing, perler beads or even crafty creation everything is fine as long as you and I find it equal. Most of the time I'll send something that is pretty worth so take my word that the trade would be okay and I feel like I can open for like three to five slots in hope I make some of you happy with that. Especially for the ones that don't have much money. Now you can just draw one character that I like, send it and I'll ship away your OC or gaming character made in my own style.

Anything is open even tough size matter here because the bigger it is the exepensive it will for shipping it away.

For the interested feel free to comment and let me know what kinda of perler beads that you want.

It's the right moment to exchange our talent and do love to get custom and crafty things for my birthdays :3

So who's in ?
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It has been a while. But anyway, when is your birthday?

I posted this journal entry 2 weeks ago(…), but basically, I'm kind of doing the same thing you're doing. The reason behind it is I'm pretty excited to watch a movie about video games, in general. Also, I was defending a fellow friend on a certain subject.

If I do an art trade with you, how are we going to do it? Because I have yet to make one of my favorite anime characters translated into Perler art.
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Sure I'll have no problem with doing an art trade with you. Is there a character that you want precisely ? 
Tell me some names I'll see what I can do on my part. 

My birthday is in August the 11th and I'll be twenty-four years old. 
Hmm. You're younger than I thought.

Anyway, there are three anime characters I have been curious of making into Perler art. And they are:

Masane Amaha from the Witchblade anime
Jun Fudo from the Devil Lady anime
Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill

I found a reference image to make Masane Amaha from Witchblade into Perler art. I just didn't have the time to make her. Here's the image I was intended to make into Perler art.…

In return of this art trade, what kind of Perler art you want done? Just try not to give me a full 3D Perler art.
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So you gave me what I do call a jus wich is a template with a lot of sprites. Wich one did you want the first one at the left on the first line ? Like the standard one wich where she stand ? There is a lot of choice so I need to know exactly what you want before starting it. 

For my part I need to think about it. I will give you an answer for my part by the end of the week. 
Yup, the top row, first one on the left would be great.

And don't worry about it; I'm in no rush of it getting done. I have stuff to take care of on my end.
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I have made up my mind for my part of the art trade. 
I am a huge fan of the dark souls franchise and so I want this sprite to be made by you in exchange…
Is that possible ? 
I saw the art trade you were mentioning. Excellent work on the Perler art. :)

I have a bit of time to make this Perler art you're talking about. I'll give yours a fair shot. I greatly appreciate you of making the pixel art for me, and now I'll try to return the favor. :happybounce: 

Do you have the Perler art of Masane Amaha in your gallery?
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Not now, I'm waiting to iron it for putting it in my gallery. Also check out your notes about the mailbox thing ^^
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Je veux bien faire un art trade avec toi, si cela te dit !!! ;)
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Okay, tu es plutôt clair en matière de commission en ce moment j'imagine si tu te propose comme ça ^^
Je ne sais pas du tout quel personnage je pourrais demander, je vais y réfléchir :3 
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Oui, je n'ai pas de demandes à faire pour l'instant ^^

Hi, hi !! Comme je l'ai dit, il n'y a pas de soucis =) Je réfléchirais au personnage de mon côté ^_____^
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J'ai pris une décision (je sais en une journée xD) j'aimerais que essaye de faire  Tsugumi Seishiro de Nisekoi. Je te laisse la liberter du choix du dessin ^^
Je crois que le site où je prenais mes modèles de sprite est down je verrais d'ici quelque jour et de donnerai l'adresse, il arrive que le site ne sois pas dispo parfois.
Sauf si tu veut que je fasse un pixel art issu d'un dessin ce qui reste d'être complexe vu la taille de ceux là.
Dis moi des noms de perso qui t'intéresserais, je verrai de mon côté en te proposant des modèles sauf si tu veut que ce soit une surprise aussi de ton côté.  
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Oki, c'est noté !!! =D Je te fais ça après le dessin de FF que je suis en train de faire, il n'y a pas de soucis !! ^____^

D'accord ^^ J'ai déjà une idée derrière la tête : pourrais-tu me faire Lenneth Valkyrie, de Valkyrie Profile ? J'adore ce personnage depuis que j'ai joué à la version PSP de ce jeu *______*
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Je pense y travailler aujourd'hui ou demain dessus. Mon anniv' est le onze août donc faut que je me grouille ^^
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D'accord !!! =D

Je vais me dépêcher aussi de finir mon dessin de FFVII pour pouvoir commencer ton cadeau le plus rapidement possible !! =)
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Je viens de finir le paterne, je te l'ai envoyer via skype
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