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Shyvana FE Style Portrait

So actually the title should have Shyvana Fire Emblem Style Portrait - Perler Beads. But in the end it wasn't possible and to freacking long. 

Mention and rightfull author first. Sprite made by the_Merc_FCS. Here is the link to the others sprite he have made.…
They are all based on Fire Emblem characters portrait sprite during dialogue. I was as a kid a huge fan of this game series anyway and it's feel great to see spriter still doing sprites related to them. 

Anyway I really Shyvana and here is my contribution to her and I guess I'll do another character on the same size and style by the same spriter. Good League of Legends are so rare and I find one that's worth to my eyes. 

Well, as always feel free to fav' comment and even put up a critique I'll unlock it for this one. My premium is running off soon so I'm wanting to get as much as possible ;3

Cya ! 
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If Shyvana did make it into Fire Emblem, would she be mistaken for a Manakete?
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Cimenord I was wondering if you could pass me a pixel sprite of your artwork? I'd love to build it in minecraft :D
Cimenord's avatar
If you want this one you can find it over here… even tough I have linked in the description. 
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dayum i thought mine was good
Cimenord's avatar
And I really like yours. I feel like maybe people tend to like it more from a special perspective because it's a very detailed portrait but still I've got praise your shyvanna sprite work man' gj ;) !
VeigarTheGreat's avatar
yeah i just dont know human anatomy enough o do it from a different perspective :P
VeigarTheGreat's avatar
also, kind of off on a tangent, but where can i get these bead things? i've never used them and only recently heard of them, and im kind of interested in creating physical copies of my pixel arts
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Thanks ! I'll try to do another one after tomorrow just got a commission today and I've got to work on it ^^
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I really love this. I'm not familiar with the character, but I love the colors and the detail. I like your color choices better than the original sprite!
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My best friend wich is actually only one aware of this work wasn't into light purple for the skin but this came out okay. The helmet is actually great with this colors and it was the first part that I made, the skin purple skin was made in the end. 
heatbish's avatar
This looks great! Awesome colors, too. Gj! ^_^
Ellsworth-Toohey's avatar
Nice! I'm lovin' the golden shade palette :D
Cimenord's avatar
Golden shade palette without gold hama beads wait what oO ! 
No gold hama beads here xD 
Ellsworth-Toohey's avatar
Hehe I just meant because it's the gold metal part of her helmet :P The shading you did on it was nice!
drakenfolk's avatar
really awesome! :) would like to have this to hang in my room and decorate my boring walls :D Nice style, nice char ;)
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Thanks, I cannot tell if I might sell it or not. But If I do this will require some preparations on some payback 'cause it's a big one for sales. Cannot fit in usual mail letter.
Now my own problem is actually to decide where I put it, my room is so full of them xD
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I love fire emblem portraits, they are the perfect size for beading and always look great~
Cimenord's avatar
They are and I've got some more of the same style with other league of legends character but I might wait some days before doing another one
Craeter's avatar
Cool, I finally started piecing together a commission I promised to do last semester lol
Ace8bit's avatar
that looks awesome, what all colors did you use for this one?
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