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Jinx step by step Perler Beads

It's a submition like the hatsune one where I show to you how I'm working on my perler beads. Step by step beginning by the outline in black and finishing with the skin or the face most of the time. 

I need to feature :iconatey: here 'cause she is the one that I order the sprite and I really like it ;3 

The normal shot with the wooden back will come right after this one. 

As always feel free to fav' comment and share <3 !

See you around !

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i cant find the right things so i can make these, where do you get them?
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Are you searching for the sprite of this one specifically or are you searching the perler beads that I am using ? Because if you do you should search perler beads around google. Personally I use hama beads wich is danish perler beads great for european people but not that much if you live in another part of the world. 
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the beads, also i wanted to ask if you make some of the sprites
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Most of the time I don't but for this one I use "Perler beads Designer" the website around here…
And If I don't work on my own pattern I most likely use gimp or Beads Surge.exe

For the beads I recommend that you take a look at perler beads or hama beads. Maybe amazon or the perler beads home website and hama beads website are good place to start look up and buy online. 
Perler ->…
Hama ->…
Apart of that I recommend that you take a look at art or toy's store to maybe grab some perler or hama beads in actual real life store. You will also need pegboard wich is the support. 
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Thank you this will help a lot 
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It's normal and you'r clearly not the first or the last to come up and ask to get some informations to try it out for yourself I guess ^^
I guess perler beads is not that known if I can help to more popular than it's perfect ;3 
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I use to do it when i was younger and have been looking for a few years than gave up until i saw your art
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Je n'ai pas la moindre connaissance en perler beads, mais c'est absolument fascinant de voir le step by step :)
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Merci ! Je pense le faire à chaque fois que je ferai des portrait dans se style. Je viens d'en recevoir un mais je prépare pour une convention fin mars donc je ne sais pas si je vais le faire tout de suite
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