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Janna Star Guardian Portait

Well after more than two years, I guess I can do you guys a favor and post this.
These days I'm mostly over Instagram or Facebook by choice.
Original fanart by Deadmanawake

This one kinda have a story behind it. At the start it was an Etsy commission and ended up as an IG commission. The customer went missing for like a week, I even searched around and ask support about it. And an Instagram viewer pretty much saved my ass xD

Next post in two years ?
Who knows, let's see if some of you are still around ^^
Have a nice day, see ya'
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Jul 29, 2019, 12:22:25 PM
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wow, this looks great
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I kinda went dark here without much announce. A bit sorry about that, my perler level didn't change that much in my own opinion.
Like I said to some other, I'll try to post or come around once a month. Got months of other creations.
My life didn't change much, Instagram just showed me another way to promote myself. On a personal level.

Glad your around :P
LastMinuteReplicas's avatar
I understand !

That's funny, I stopped posting here too, and I started using IG lately :p
Cimenord's avatar
Don't know how often I'll be around here, so if you want to see what's up more frequently you go there xD…

LastMinuteReplicas's avatar
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Nice to see ya back
Cimenord's avatar
Don't know if I will be around much, testing water. Glad to see some of you around :)!
Bgoodfinger's avatar
I have a beadsprite discord if you would like to join. Send me a note and I can send you an invite.
Cimenord's avatar
Sure, even if I'm always on discord to not that much active
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Very nice, love the colors!
Cimenord's avatar
Purple and pink actually worked pretty well, even if some parts were rushed or done by instinct.
Glad it find a Janna main owner :P
Birdseednerd's avatar
Nice! I hear ya, but regardless came out wonderful!
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Great portrait but where is the rest of her?
Also is this mini (2,5mm) or midi (5mm)?
Cimenord's avatar
Those are midi hama beads so 5mm.
And where is the rest ? Well, I tend to do my portrait in this weird way. Mainly focused on the face, if I added the hair the final product would have been too big for shipping.
It was already 70 cm tall so yeah xD

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commission, ah yea, so thou make money from it. Cool.
I have always been into the mini beads, (don't know many else who does it) but I just like to have more details on less space.
Cimenord's avatar
Yeah, it always seems strange when people come to me for special commission.
I do also like mini for creation that I need precision in. Sadly that's wasn't what the customer wanted.
Will definitely post a perler with mini beads next :P
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I find it strange that people can make money on it. For me it have always been an expense. I have had a total of one commission in all my time on deviantart
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