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Deadpool Project Final Perler Beads

Final deviation for this project. For those who have seen the other part, deadpool is just reversed because the other side is actually ironed to make semi-solid. 

This perler beads is actually based for this drawing wich quite popular ->…
Just put the drawing and my perler beads and you will see some similarities ^^

I'm gonna to be repeat myself here as I said on the first part. Sorry in advance.
- Deadpool is a anti-hero from the Marvel Comics series. Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. 
Strangely he is on the top of the most know and loved super hero of the twenty first century. 

I cannot hide that I do like is personality. Fourth wall breaker, funny and cocky. Not quite the hero we are normally expected. 
Here is my contribution to him and his awesomeness :P (Lick)

It will not be my last project like this. I do love them and selling them is so difficult for me in two ways. One because the price would be way more than what people actually can put for it, and secundo I do love these. They are quite unique because so far no one as reproduce the projects I have made. Quite happy with this series. And my room is pretty stacked xD
Got a lot of good backup and I'm starting to think about what will come next. 
Maybe a character form the Legend of Zelda in portrait style. Who knows. 

I'm selling some of my work if you are interested feel free to check around here ->…

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SarahUsagi-chan's avatar I freaking love deadpool and this might be the best one I saw in dA. good job !
Socially4wkwardPanda's avatar
i want it.... damn it... i can't... nou... move it far from my eyes... arhgargharaa
Cimenord's avatar
Deadpool is too awesome to go away xD 
Socially4wkwardPanda's avatar
yep he's just too awesome xD i rlly can't wait for that movie xD 
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Looks Great! Nicely Done! 
Craeter's avatar
Woow my friend would love this, great work! I started a new project recently, just need to find the patience to actually finish this one. How many beads is this?
Cimenord's avatar
Around 8 000 to 10 000 beads. 
Normally this link will help you out ->…
Craeter's avatar
mm yeah I was just curious. I'll normally magic wand+invert in PS then check the histogram for an exact amount of pixels, which I use to price my stuffs
Cimenord's avatar
Well, the more you know xD
Yeah knowing how much pixels your gonna put into your perler beads is quite neat. I don't really care personally. 
Ellsworth-Toohey's avatar
This is awesome! I don't know much about Deadpool, but this a really detailed and epic beadsprite :D
Cimenord's avatar
Seems like I'm not the only one who are not that much into comics around here xD
I do love the character for what he is as mentioned. I actually do not care that much about reading all about him. He is just a stand out character, interesting personality and mentality, that's what brings my love and interest to him. 
Cimenord's avatar
Glad you like it. Haven't seen you for a while, did your orders/ commissions are rolling ? 
I have seen your Street Fighter creations, great. As usual ^^
Sulley45635's avatar
yeah, real life creeping in. Also attending more shows has me make the same type of things over and over again. Not had much time to make the bigger and better stuff, but i try to make them when I can.
Cimenord's avatar
That's one thing with perler beads, unless your doing special orders you tend to do over and over the thing that you have sold the previous conventions you were in. 
The thing is personally I tend to be part in conventions only four or five time a year so I can cool down. 
Conventions are not that big in europe, you do need to lurk around and be aware of them. 
Also when you are in the business it does gave you less time to do what you want. But that's how it is. 

Is there any project that you got in mind but cannot do it right now ? 
Sulley45635's avatar
oh yeah. A few. The Daft punk Piece is one of them, also you beat me to the punch with Ahri, Street Fighter and X-Men characters from MvC2. I'm currently making a ton of stuff for a show coming up so some of the smaller projects i wanted to do are being made (not many though).
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The Ahri is quite popular now, so maybe some customer may gonna ask to do redo it xD 
Anyway, glad you had more commissions than me because I tend to do my own creations when I don't any commissions -_-
Sulley45635's avatar
Yeah, that is the same picture I want to use for making Ahri. But I want to do the fox tails as well. But for the shading on the fur I need a special bead color that hasn't arrived yet, so it's been on the back burner for some time; same with the Daft Punk piece. it's the waiting part that gets to me, which really makes me disappointed that I can't do those projects yet.
Cimenord's avatar
The beads your waiting for, is that a perler or not ? 
For the Ahri is that for a commission ? 
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how... how.. do you...  OMG... like how do you make the cool things like that and make it look really cool??? 0.0 ahhhhhhh so cool. XD 
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