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Black Rock Shooter Perler Beads

Hey yo, after like seven hours or so of beading here she is :3
Lovely lovely little anime girl made in perler beads for you watchers (well actually I was The one who want it but seems some of you like the idea)

The project was huge. This put me a problem wich is doing seperate part of her and after ironing it so it can become what you actuallly see right now. The part was her half lower body, her upper half body, the sword, part of her arm and dress and finally the biggest huge left hair side. Almost run out of blue and black because these are the main colors with silver. But in the end got some more in my back. So I may do one more tomorrow I'll see. With a livestream or not of it if people are interested in it. Will be smaller project xD So I can actually rest and don't do crazy size ^^

For the overhaul, she looks great. Maybe the black hair part could have been better if I get like another blue color that don't look the same to the others. So it's black deal with it folks.

It don't know who actually done this on the first place so no feature this time. If you get infromations feel free to put them in the commentary zone.

Fav' if you like this work, comment if you want to tchat about it and check my gallery there is more like this. Smaller but awesome too :D

Until next time take care and have a wonderful day. Man i'm exhausted -_-"

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so impressive work!!!!
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Oh man this is cool, I love Black rock Shooter (the anime she comes)
if I ever make this im gonna use blue glow in the dark beads for the flame on the eye ^_____________________________^
I love your work btw
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Thanks, well you can redo it that's not impossible. For the choices colors it's a matter or choices but I can see why you would choose this one. Also the flamed eye is an add on to the original sprite from me. 
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This is absolutely incredible. I love Black Rock Shooter with all my heart, and upon looking at this ginormous masterpiece- wow! Very nice job! It probably took forever to finish. :)
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It takes me some hours around eight xD 
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I love it too xD Even if I find so more of Black Rock Shooter sprite around ^^
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dang this is awesome
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Still one of my favorite done so far. Thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna to watch you back 'cause you watch me in the first place ;3
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aw thanks so much XD
ikr it looks super good
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WOW!! THIS IS REALLY COOL! :iconpervyaxlplz:
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Dat' ninja backstab hug smiley xD
PerlerPixie's avatar
Haha always an epic win! :iconpervyaxlplz:
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Ok... bits awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's a good one :) it must have take a loooooong time to do ^_^
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