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Equestrian Adventures of Cimarronboy: Prologue
Proverbially I'd just become a dead cat. How else could I describe my situation? I'd gotten curious and now was suffering the consequences as I fell through the air.
It started at a mall. I'd been wandering around with some friends looking through the stores when I spotted some things I thought should be removed from existence. After grumbling my usual curses at the tiny colorful horses, my group moved on to the next store. In the next few stores, more of the infuriating little creatures were spotted. As we made our way out, yet more of the creatures caught my attention and finally piqued my curiosity.
On my way home I was silent, deep in thought. Others in the car tried to converse with me but failed when my attention could not be gained. My only thought was "WHAT is so special about those blasted things!?"
Once home I immediately bypassed anyone in my way and made straight for the place where I could research what was bugging me most, alone. Online, I went straight for a video site k
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Bonus Chapter: Improving Performance
Bonus Chapter:
Improving Performance
The applause from the audience was deafening as the last of the awards for the talent show was handed out. At first I thought the cutie mark crusaders would have been destroyed upon receiving an award in their category, I know I sure was.  The look on 'Blooms, 'Belles, and Scoots' faces showed more contentment and pride than I'd thought.
After the show finished the girls came to show off the trophy to the friends and family that gathered for the show. I stayed off to the side and kept my thoughts to myself. What I had to say to the girls would've possibly ruined their night. I loved their performance but on the other hand it wasn't enough to win their category. That thought alone kept my mind busy as I attempted to think of a way to help the girls improve before the next oppertunity arose.
Back at the orchard there was a party to celebrate the girls' success. I bowed out and congratulated what I'd come to consider my little sisters. I was too d
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First of the 2013 Xmas Presents by cimarronboy First of the 2013 Xmas Presents :iconcimarronboy:cimarronboy 12 31
Cimarronboy Fanfic Pride Half Family Tree
Cimarronboy Fanfic Family Tree
Pride half
Gen 1: Mom's side: Grandma Sarafina
Dad's side: Grandpa Mufasa
Grandma Sarabi
Gen 2: Nala (Mom), Simba (Dad)
Gen 3:
Me, Pterri Kiara, Kovu (Kiara's mate)
Gen 5:
Wind (MexPterri, Forest's twin sis (older of the two), Forest (MexPterri, Wind's twin bro(youngest of the two), Meadow (-
adopted by me), Savannah (adopted by me), Egypt (KiaraxKovu),
Gen 6:
Amaterasu (Egyptx???, Tsukiyomi's twin sis), Tsukiyomi (Egyptx???, Amaterasu's twin sis)
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Cimarronboy Fanfic Herd Half Family Tree
Cimarronboy Fanfic Family Tree
Herd's Half of the family
Gen 1: Mom's Side:
Great Grandma Bonita
Great Grandpa Rahpael
Dad's Side:
Great Grandma Alma
Gen 2: Mom's Side:
Grandma Sierra
Grandpa Storm
Dad's Side:
Grandma Esperanza
9Grandpa Strider
Gen 3:
Rain (Mom)
Spirit (Dad)
Gen 4:
Thunder, Chakawea (thunder's mate, older brother), Cloud (older sister), Me, Pterri (My mate), D.S.( Desert Storm), Lightning, Giest (summer's twin (older of the two),
Falling Snow (Giest's mate), Summer (Giest's twin (younger of the two), Feather (cousin), Hope (Adopted cousin/sister), Blaze (Hope's mate)
Gen 5:
sky (GiestxFalling Snow), Smaug (Cloudx???), Wind (MexPterri, Forest's twin sis (older of the two), Forest (MexPterri, Wind's twin bro(youngest of the two), Meadow (-
adopted by me), Savannah (adopted by me), Strider II (GiestxFalling Snow, River's twin bro), River (GiestxFalling Snow, Strider 2's twin bro)
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Cimarronboy Story Epilogue
I awoke to a familiar sight. Though much had changed the area I had awoken in had rarely
did. I found myself on a flat rock looking up at the sky. The sounds of a fight being fought
sounded near.
I stood up. As I turned toward the sounds of fighting I heard Cloud's concerned voice say"
Don’t do it!". I just looked out toward the fight thinking.
Cloud lowered her head so that her eyes were level with me. She turned her gaze toward
the fight. She was thinking. Finally she sighed. She said "Go ahead, but be careful.".
I didn't move. Cloud turned her right eye on me. "Well aren't you going to go?" she asked
both wonderingly and impatiently.
I nodded at the fight and said" Don't have to.". She turned her focus back on the fight. The
fight had evened out. It was down to Kiara and one dienonychus. This dienonychus
decided it was time to retreat.
It's decision had come too late. As it began to speed away the queen (Nala) herself leapt
out the nearby foliage and finished it off. T
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Chapter 38 Congradulations
I was paralyzed. The news shocked me like lightning. Too many thoughts and emotions
ran through my body, my  mind, and my soul.
I was lost in my thoughts. Unwillingly my reaction was observed. Words could not
escape my mouth. I felt like I was frozen. Then everything went black.
When I awoke I realized I had fainted. A few hours had passed. The shock had not.
Everyone seemed to have left me to think. I wondered who else knew. I couldn't believe
Pterri had called Cassie. I also couldn't believe how close things were. I was still
suffering from the news.
After the spell had passed I organized my thoughts and emotions. They still made me
feel overwhelmed. I sighed with all my emotions.
I looked at my watch. The numbers read: day:01, year:07. Though it never showed the
months I knew it was October first. I had little time to prepare. I planned to use some of
that time to check into the news.
That night I brought out the sub I use when I need to help heal wounds from
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Chapter 37 Saving Liberty
Saving Liberty
Knothole Glade. A small village set by a swamp in the country of Albion. A village
plagued by dangerous creatures. Creatures that were widely feared. These beasts are
known as Balverines.
Balverines are werewolf like creatures. The two types of Balverines are white and
regular. Both types are weak against silver though the white Balverines are the stronger
I was on a quest to kill a white Balverine that was pestering the locals of Knothole
Glade. I had a sword equipped with a silver augmentation. That was how I planned to
slay the white Balverine. I was in the village when the Balverine howled. Following it
was a terrorized whinny.
I rushed towards the sounds. I had my sword drawn and ready for battle. As I neared a
pond a struggle caught my eye.
A paint mare was surrounded by Balverines. One of which happened to be the white
Balverine. The mare wouldn't stand a chance against the Balverines. So I took action. I
grabbed my bow and shot arrows at the Balverines.
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Chapter 36 A Lost Feather
A Lost Feather
"Hey cous' get up." I opened my eyes and stared into Feather's right eye. "Time to start
your training.” She stood up. A window showed that it was still dark outside.
I stretched and yawned. "In order for you to complete your training you'll need to get all
your items back.” I was still confused due to the amnesia placed upon me.
I knew nothing of this mare except her name. She knew more about me than I could
remember. To me that was creepy. The other thing that bothered me was what she
called me. I couldn't figure out why she kept calling me cousin.
I finally got enough to start asking questions. The answers she gave me were
unexpected. They amazed and startled me.
She told me that her mother was a friend of mom's (rains). Feather's mom died from a
cougar attack. Mom was what I considered a god mother to Feather and finished raising
her. Then the cavalry attack and took Feather. She had just recently escaped.
That would make her my god cousin. It was an ove
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Chapter 35 The Comeback Of Cimarronboy
The Comeback Of Cimarronboy
I was on my way to the Cimarron valley. An urgent call from Cloud had broken the veil
of sad exhaustion. The details mentioned had instilled a sense of doom and dread that
filled my body with rage.
Upon nearing the valley I saw two disturbing sights. The first a sea of orcs. The second
was columns of smoke rising from my home. I knew everyone in the valley was fighting.
I didn't know who was winning.
I came to the top of a path in which I could see the whole valley. I could see attacks
from both sides of the fight. Seeing this heightened my rage and a new power coursed
through my body.
Quick movements caught my eye. It was Shadow's mate Tally. She was bleeding. A
group of orcs was hemming her in. As I put my duel disk on I watched helplessly as
Tally became trapped and was killed.
A flash filled the air. When my eyes adjusted I noticed all the monsters from my usual
dueling decks surrounded me. They then joined the fray.
I put my dragon deck into my duel
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Chapter 34 Little Miss Colonel
Little Miss Colonel
She was just like her dad. She captured everyone. I was as helpless as all her recent
captives. If anyone were to try to escape she would kill the rest. The worst news was
that Cloud had caught a cold and it was getting worse.
I just sat in a jar. Known to me only I couldn't be the hero this time. I vowed silently to
myself to never arrive home late.
The sound of a door opening brought me out of my thoughts. A huge hand lifted the jar I
was in. The lid of the jar was removed. I was dumped out into a hand. I wouldn't face my
The hand gently closed into a fist. The giantess turned around. In a few steps we were
out of her quarters.
She walked toward a building. As we got close she laughed. Then she said "I want you
to see something.” The building's door opened. Inside was a bunch of empty horse
She walked down the row of stalls. At the end stall a bunch of soldiers were gathered.
Terrible feelings of dread filled me as I heard the numerous murm
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Chapter 33 Another Pair Of Foals
Another Pair Of Foals
(*Disclaimer: Me and Giest will be telling this chapter so to unconfuse readers the hint I'll give is Giest will
be talking about what happened in my absence and I'll be talking about before I left and after I got back.)
Giest was mad at me. I had done something wrong by accident. I had promised to be
around for the birth of her foals. She was hurt by my mistake. I felt rotten for hurting her.
She asked me to be around when she was to foal. It meant a lot to her for me to be
there. I was at all the other foalings so I figured I should have kept the promise to be
The day before Giest's foaling I received a call of emergency from a friend in New York.
He told me about the reports of giant beetles in Australia. He had sent the two American
Godzilla’s to deal with them but thought they might need some help. It would be a four
day round trip to Australia and back. A day and a half to Australia, A day or so to deal
with the beetles, and a day and a half f
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Chapter 32 Guard Wolves On Duty
Guard Wolves On Duty
Aelita looked out her open window in horror. A monstrous eye looked in at her. She was
afraid of who or what the eye belonged to. She was about to scream when I entered the
room. She ducked behind me trying to stay out of the eye's line of sight.
I looked at the eye and said "Back off Aleu." gently. Aelita uncertain at her perception
asked "Aleu?” I explained that Aleu had grown a bit.
I led Aelita to the window and told Alue to lay down so we could climb on her back. She
let us climb on and waited for me to tell her it was okay to move. As soon as I gave her
the signal Alue stood up and ran into the woods behind Kadic Academy. When we
reached our destination she laid down. Aelita looked at me her face showing that she
enjoyed the ride.
I untied myself then I untied Aelita. I climbed down from Aleu's back then helped Aelita get down.
Soon enough we were both safe on the ground.
Aleu sat down beside us. Each of her four paws bigger than me and Aelita. Tired
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Mature content
Chapter 31 Will Trouble :iconcimarronboy:cimarronboy 0 0
Chapter 30 The Kidnapping
The Kidnapping
"Okay okay, slow down.” “Now Viola tell me what happened.". "Terra was kidnapped
by some weirdly dressed humans." Viola gasped between ragged breathes.
I told Viola to tell me everything she saw and knew. When she described a troll I
knew I needed to train in order to rescue Terra safely. I knew exactly where to train. I
had just played the game and watched the movie. So I decided to digitize myself into
the Lord of the Rings; Return of the King video game.
I used it to learn and practice. After I finished I exited the game and rested up. The next
day I planned to search for Terra and her kidnappers.
The next day I got my favorite swords, bows, shields and other weapons/equipment
packed into the vehicle I was going to take with me. Once fully packed I set the car's
navigational computer for the area that Viola told was where Terra had been
kidnapped. As I shot out of the cave I thought I heard thunder. I hit the power button on
the built in CD player. Hopefu
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Chapter 29 A Special Breed
A Special Breed
I woke up cold and sweaty. It was a dream like the others I'd had recently. They all
seemed so real.
I hadn't gotten much sleep since they began. They keep coming night after night. I've
been trying to track them any way I could. I could sense someone needed my help. I
had a strange feeling it was the horses from my dreams.
I sat up and looked around. Cloud's right foreknee was right next to me on my left. I
wiped sweat from my forehead.
Then Cloud's voice whispered “Come here". I was suddenly lifted off the ground. I was
unintentionally rocked back and forth as she stood up. She started to quietly and
carefully walk away from the rest of the herd. I sensed she had a few reasons for doing
what she did.
Soon I was lowered to ground. Then Cloud plopped down, laid down beside me and put her
nose behind me so I could prop mys
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Apologize for the length but bear with me;

So being the researcher/fanfictional super hero I am I was in the middle of a practice session when my themes played in a row. Having recently discovered a fact site about songs I decided to look into both tunes. It was all I could do seeing I was kinda questioning (and still am) my identity a lil bit with recent irl situations messing with my mental/emotional state. Mainly asking whether I was a hero/good person or a villain.

Why was I asking such? Let's say I was somewhat reliving my most traumatic moment in life, though the actual event taking place was the neighbors' doing. I was feeling kind of... bloodthirsty (enough to so make a vamp dying of starvation (dehydration?) seem like they'd just fed). 

As far as I know heroes aren't supposed to want to hurt anyone, regardless of their actions. To defend someone being attacked out in the hallway of a friend's apartment I was gonna get real violent, partially due to having a personal experience with such an event. The intention (other than making the attacker bleed), was to save someone/prevent further harm, normally a GOOD thing. Wanting to tear the attacker limb from limb, not so much.

On top of that my ptsd was kicking in, both increasing my thirst and yet pinning me in place in fear and seeing my own experience play over the living room I was looking at at the time. 

That adds more complication to the inquiry. I'm now mister harmony. I'm friendly and caring (to the point of being a doormat at times) because of my personal event. I've got that "I wanna be a super hero" thing kids have because of that same event. 

Now there's more questions than ever. Am I good or evil? If good is it because of my ptsd? If so does that mean my kindness is actually an act/fake? Who am I really. 

Reading the music sites info (plus one of my famous premonition dreams) gave me the answer. The songs are dark, being about a dictator and a tempting demon. The dream was about the effect future events (that I predicted as well) will have on me. This means that if I'm not evil (more like REALLY messed up) now I will be after fallout of my predicted events.

Barring all that and so far of 2018's very fun (total craphole) time, I've actually been getting back to work on my fimfiction fanfics. STILL KINDA NEEDING SOMEONE TO LOOK THEM OVER. Finishing up some behind schedule chapters for the main story and sequel. Trying to also think up chapters for the main stories journal based counterpart. Also wondering if I shouldn't post them here  on DA as well (ANY ONE THINK I SHOULD?)

Thought about making one short fic based upon the ending I thought up for my main story. It'll take place years after the main fic and end years before the sequel. It'll be about how my oc, through emotional/mental pain, snaps and tries to take over his fictional current country of residence using his theme songs (which are themselves evil) and the bonds his built. He'll start by turning friends and neighbors into devoting fans and move from city/town to city/town from the outer rim of the country until he finally hits the capital in the center. He'll get a new look, influenced by song and cutie mark, as well. Just as he's about to usurp the throne he is stopped, and defeated, by that countries goddess. After that, to limbo he goes, leaving his friends and family (including a couple year old son). 

Also can someone PLEASE LOOK OVER THE FIRST CHAPTERS OF MY MAIN AND IT'S JOURNAL COUNTERPART AND TELL ME WHICH IS THE MORE PREFERABLE FORMAT? WILLING TO PM THEM OVER IF NEED BE. I can't really decide which to "publish" (to post making readable on fimfiction) without the answer.
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