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Ozma the Great

By cilyconcar
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For me, Ozma is the queen of the queens...Hope to put in this drawing all the concept that i thought about it...
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© 2006 - 2021 cilyconcar
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I thought Ozma had black hair
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Really ? sometimes she can be even blonde...
An excellent image of the Queen of Faerie!... even though she still gets called "Princess" a lot. 
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I like Ozma since I was young.
So beautiful!
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I so love Ozma. She's so beautiful and kind but she cares about her people enough to step in when they need her. Lovely, lovely, lovely picture!
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thank you thank you thank you
Dahila-Mockery's avatar
You're welcome, you're welcome!
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If I give you credit, can I make a LiveJournal icon out of this? It is, by far, the most beautiful illustration of Ozma I have seen.
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NO PROBLEM AS you give me the web address of the livejournal and of course the credit :)
anyway, thanks for is rare nowadays
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I'm making the icon for

Thanks so much.
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Great rendering, she looks as beautiful, regal and kind as we would expect!
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I loved those books when I was little, did you read all of them?
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not yet !!!! lol
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I just love Ozma- I think she hasn't gotten half of the attention she deserves, what with all this to-do over Maguire's Oz fanfic and related theater spin-offs. *grumbles* I really like the nouveau touch too- it's really appropriate, considering J.R. Neill's work was steeped in it. Good work! :thumbsup:
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Thank U 4 this terrific critic !!!
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Perfect picture of her
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Your art is sooo cute and amazing!!!^^:love:
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YAY! I an sooooo glad to find someone who likes ozma
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LOVELY! ^O^ You really captured her innocent essence!
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Ozma truly is the heart of Oz.
too bad she hasn't got a big break like Dorothy has.
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