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Second-Act Tosca

By cillabub
I just finished this painting this evening (well, okay, I probably have a few more tiny details left to hammer out, but for all intents and purposes, it's done). It'll be a gift for my boyfriend's mom, an opera singer who's very familiar with the role of Tosca, who this is supposed to be, so I really hope she likes it...This is Tosca from the second act, right after she stabs the bad dude to death. :D

BTW, in case you're curious, this was done with oil paints, and it's rather large, so this is a digital photo rather than a scan, which hopefully excuses the somewhat poor focus (I assure you, though, that it hasn't corrupted the colors too badly). As always with paintings, it's a shame that the texture doesn't come across too well in photos...
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Jun 25, 2008, 7:39:02 AM
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First, I would love to say that this is a beautiful piece. The colors chosen are very fitting and create an ambiance.

Now if you don't mind, I'd like to offer a little critique. Because of the nature of traditional art, it can be wildly difficult to portray our physical works in a digital format, and I believe that the quality of the picture or scan is taking away from this piece. Can be really disheartening, I know, and you already mentioned that, so I won't get too deep into it. ^limnides has a few tips and resources that may help you out a bit in that area if you're interested.

As for the piece itself, I will re-iterate that I adore the colors you used. the reds and the taupes definitely give it a classic look; however her skintone and face are sort of washing out against the deep dark reds of the blood, background and flowers. I believe a little bit of deeper shading and tones within the skintones (sometimes adding in some complementary colors in moderation really help make a piece pop), especially around the eyes, clavicle and jawline. A bit of definition (additional values) and highlight in the hair may also add a bit of drama, as well as the hand itself.

I think it's a beautiful piece, and I love the classic look it has to it. You're boyfriend's mom will be overjoyed and flattered with such a wonderful gift.

I'm sure I've written more than enough! :faint::blahblah:
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A painting of Tosca! Wow! Thanks a lot! I'm a diehard opera fan, so this was like a heaven's gift to me.
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awesome stuff.
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Heeeeee...I love the haunting, vacant eyes and the general serenity in her face. Also, the way you do blood is so almost blends into the back of the painting and then suddenly you see it and you go "HOLY SHIT" because you didn't realize it was in fact a violent image until that moment.
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so beautful & chilling at the same time
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Beautiful. Eleagant, and yet somewhat macabre. I like the shading on the skin.
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Beautiful!I like colours you use on this.
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Oh, wow that is gorgeous. You're totally my art!hero.

And my French lit. hero, but that's just a given.

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wow, beautiful!! Different than a usual portrait, but so pretty :] love her hair <3
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Lol is there a medium you're not good in? I'd really like to see this painting in person to take a look at the texture you're talking about! <3 I've tried to work in oils, but have failed terribly. XD
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It's beautiful! The face and expression are perfect, and the detail on the necklace is wonderful.
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