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Lookie lookie! After having that floating disaster of a head avatar for years now, I think, it was time to get a new one, a fresh goldone that makes you smile! Cookie for those who know who's that face is!

I has a happy now! ^^


Who knew I'd manage to whip out 2 whole pieces in a month, me the person who was barely sketching her sketchbook for months. I think I might be getting a taste of my art-mojo back. I've been backing a bit away from WoW lately so I can just sit down for a little bit to either sketch in my sketchbook or continue on an old sketch (inking and/or coloring) While my boyfriend is coloring his warhammer fantasy army (Goblins) I'm working on my art while we are both listening/watching some tv-show/movie on his computer. Its quite nice to be honest! ^^
I still have a few sketches I'd like to ink and color but I'm also trying to sit down once a week to sketch. I think I need to start sketching from reference now if I want to improve to the next step as of so far I usualy just draw from memory....... So my next plan of attack is collecting a good data bank of photography with people in interesting poses and see if they help me.

So far I've been using my mouse+pentool for ALL my coloring needs though some of my last submissions I've been experimenting with the tablet on the backgrounds(clouds, fog)  I think I need to see if I can't use my style of coloring with a mouse, it might get messy at first but I think that way I might be faster with my art. At this point I feel they take too long, so either one piece takes days and weeks to finish or one looong day rushed and messy. And the end results don't even show all the time I put in them like some other great masterpieces I see here. I got this urge to improve my art like I know it can. Got me thinking back to my young days where my art teacher told my mom that my art was so diffirent to the rest of the class. While they made a house and a sun when they were told to draw their home I made a house, with windows and a flower in the window. Then the grass and flowers, a sun smiling in the sky and clouds and some animals outside and so on and so on. I apparently added lots of details in it, it was not very good to be honest and kinda rushed BUT you could look and look and fine new things all the time. Remembering this helped me as it gives me a clue in what direction I want my art to go. As a kid I loved Where's Wally, and other fun drawn books with HEAPS of details in them. I didn't care where Walley was I was too busy checking out what every other character in the picture was doing. Some of my personal gifted birthday cards have been fairly detailed but I wonder why my artwork hasn't? I think I'll go sink myself into that and stop trying to be popular by the runofthemill-kawaii artwork and start evolving into my own style and enjoyment!

I'll be experiment with waist and up figures like my last two submissions, fun chibi characters, backgrounds and of course my Blips character Pó. Hope you'll be along for the ride as I venture in the great world of self discovery!

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hildur-k-o Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hlakka til aš sjį nęsta meistarverk :D
Cilitra Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Takk :D
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April 19, 2010