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The name of the Blips

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 6, 2009, 5:54 AM
Until now the Blips character I've been drawing since 2004, and is ever evolving, has never had a name. Just been a blips. But that is about to change. I knew I wanted a short, cute, fluffy type of name..something short and simple yet describe the character somewhat. It hit me a few days ago, similar to when the name Blips hit me. Just sitting there minding me own business when my brain goes into overdrive for now apparent reason and spits out the name Po. I'm really pleased with it and hope you will be too. I'm going to start using it when I continue writing the first story about the blips creatures and what adventures Po runs into...even explain why her haircolour is constantly changing ^_^

In other news the economy has reaaaally hit me and Bjarnar hard this month. We couldn't pay all our bills and no money for food so thanks to a loving family we hope to survive until next month. Bjarnar is unemployed and the system is screwing us over with the unemployment benefits he's supposed to get, now to hope we don't get sick of pasta and other dry food supplies that I've stocked up these last months! :P
BTW. Why does EVERY costly thing pile up into one month? Its amazingly horrid how many things have piled up this month we can't wait to pay. its started snowing so we gotta change into the winter ones, we gotta get the oil checked, the cats need their shots, TaxesTaxesTaxes, student loans, and every little detail you buy every couple of months or less in the store has suddenly ALL ended up being a neccessity to buy THIS month...

I'm trying all ideas I can help our money income grow, so I've been busy at work at inking old sketches of mine so they are ready for coloring. Once I've builed up a decent folder with my artwork and possible product ideas along with finishing another Blips project I hope to start going to puplishers and other people who'd might to support me in getting this all into stores. But that is months away...I'm way to late for the Xmas rush so perhaps I can get ready for next years rush.

Hope you are safe and FED. Thanks for reading through my venting and jabbering. I'm going to continue this week with sketching and inking. I'm even giving up my gaming time in Champions Online and WoW to do this.. *whine*

Here is me hoping it will pay off someday :S

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Submitted on
October 6, 2009