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1. If I'd ever open up a restaurant/candystore then I'd call it OM NOM NOM because I've been saying OMNOMNOM quite a bit lately in a sqeeky high pitched cute voice about everything tasty (or when watching a zombie movie...) :P

2. I find pointy objects or anything too close to my eyes uncomfortable (not including my glasses) For instance if I go to a bank and there is glass halfway between me and the bankteller I get pain between my eyes. Same if you point a pointy thing at me..... then I kill you like a fish!

3. I'm 1.83cm/6ft tall and use shoe sized 43/11... I'm a big girl ^^

4. I'm scared of new things, places and people.... I get a knot in my stomach just thinking of changing jobs, going out alone to meet new people, or going back to school at a strange place.

5. I looooove animals. We can be driving somewhere and I'll perhaps be in a middle of a sentence when I see a dog/cat/other. And then I'll have to stop what I'm saying so i can squeal  :"NYAAAAAWWWWW" and continue what I was originally saying just as quickly.... I like to jump to one thing to another very quickly....>_>

6. I can be a very bouncy, silly, dance and sing while in a random place, smiley person and be transformed in a split second into a grim, dark, evulh, mad, bitter person who will stare you down into a dust bunny if you cross the line in ANY way....

7. When I was really young I LOVED P-I-N-K! Then I hated it soo much I would have deleted it from the world if possible, and now I'm all giggly exited about pink again! I don't really wear pink (except scarfs, Pj's, mittens and such...) but I guess it follows the super-cute giggly faze I'm in! :)  I also collect some of my favorite Littles petshop animals and random toys and cartoons! :exited:

8. I used to study Wicca in my teens and I swore I'd be a true witch someday upholding the pagan religion. I still own all the books and items from my altar and rituals, just drifted from it.

9. One day I hope to be a stay-at-home mom who works part-time writing children books, designing websites and promoting her artwork throughout the world.  

10. I've started to paint war hammer figurines with my boyfriend. I'll be painting a Dwarfen army while he'll be painting Orcs'n'Goblins. We bought a combined army-kit for a great price and I'm really exited since I've collected fantasy statues for years now. ONly this time I get to PAINT them as well. This will my boyfriends 6th army so I'm in good hands XD

If you are reading this then...I TAG YOU! *runs*
  • Reading: Ísfólkið nr. 15
  • Playing: World of Warcraft; Janyk on Defias Brotherhood!
MyraMidnight Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehe, ég er nú þegar búin að búa til tvær dreka styttur fyrir DnD leikinn sem kærastinn minn spilar, svo hann eigi alla "vondu" drekana (eftir að mála hann og taka myndir)
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January 3, 2010