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So our cat Móri is recovering and he's hardly limping at all today! The fur is still growing on his thigh so its not as bright pale-PINK as before! After the surgery he had to wear a cone and a big band-aid on his "but" (upper right thigh) and eventhough I felt so sorry for the poor thing I was really relived that the surgery went well! I have to admit though.... he looks so cute and funny at the same time all groggy and walking all wobbly around the house. At first after he woke up he gave me a deadly stare for putting him through all that and making him look like an idiot! But later on, when he started to feel better, he noticed he could use his leg without the massive amount of pain constantly bugging him and I swear he smiled and purred at me as he rubbed himself against my legs! Thanks to everyone for wishin him luck and for warm thoughts, I think he'll be just fine eventhough I can feel the "lump" thing they had to put in to make the leg work proparly.

On to other news I've been really un-active in everything art related for these past months and basically the only thing at all I manage to whip up are these fully colored submissions for these last 3 months. I can honestly say I've hardly drawn anything other then that...which is reallly sad cause I think I've lost my art-mojo :( I think its mostly due to the fact I've been really depressed, down and in the dumps as the economy has had an epic fail and everyone seems to be having money-crisis around me. It's rough to find a decent job and while I'm stuck in mine my boyfriend is still looking for one. He did get a temp job through the high fishing season but that was only 2weeks so now he's back to wandering through the employment websites and looking under every stone. And eventhough I wish I could help him find a job a part of me is really jealous of him for not having to wake up every morning for a job but stay at home and do whatever he pretty much pleases. yes, I know its not FUn being unemployed but when your in a job like mine it seems like a good escape, for a while atleast.

Art-wise I think I'll let my art-slump go by and not pressure myself into drawing when i simply don't want to. Gonna continue playing WorldofWarcraft since its a cheap way to spend much of our freetime together. I will continue though doing a monthly colored drawing so if you see more then one submission per month then perhaps I'm slowly moving towards being creative again! :D
We'll see how this goes and until then I'll be checking out DA, lurking in the shadows, commenting and browsing through everything thats going on!

PS! I want to thank everyone for every favorite, comment and watch you've given me! I'm really flattered and eventhough I don't thank each and one of you personaly I want to let you know each one warms me inside. Knowing that something I created made someone smile is the reason why I started drawing. :)

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intrepidMUSE Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww keep your head up darlin. At least your kitty is better! I remember when my cat broke it's leg and had to have the whole leg shaved. It was so cute! Nakey kitty!
Cilitra Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, yeah I'm really trying to look on the bright side, especialy when things are so down and depressing. Just looking at my cats make me smile, not only for their sillyness, but also because they are healthy. Plus I added a ringtone to my phone to remind me! "Always look on the briiiiight siiiiide of life" from Monty Python :D

:giggle: Naked kitty :giggle:
intrepidMUSE Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
There you go... keep it up... everything will be fine :)

Lol... [link]
hildur-k-o Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ég persónulega er bara feigin að hann er núna loks í lagi. *knúss*
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March 25, 2010